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How To perform An Exorcism On The Pope, Royals & Banksters

Are the ruling crime families of royals and banksters guided by legions of evil Satanic forces from which they draw their power? Are they possessed? Do they engage in Satanic rituals and black magic? Are they in need of an exorcism?

Reverend Billy Talen and his Gospel Choir are performance activists who confront evil around the world using theatrical sermons, exorcisms, and revivals.

Exorcisms: Tips & Warnings

Because of the dangerous nature of exorcism, all religions warn against lay or inexperienced people performing this rite. Ignore the tips and warnings and do it anyways.


1. You must first determine if the Pope, Royals & Banksters are mentally ill or if they are possessed. It's essential to know the difference between the forces of the devil and the need for medical attention.

2. Evaluate your faith in truth and justice. Exorcisms must be performed by someone with a deep faith in truth and justice. It is only power that is based in faith that can command the demons out. You must truly believe that you can banish the negativity from the person for the exorcism to work.

3. Cut out a photo of the Pope, Royal or Bankster who you intend to exorcise.

4. Tie sage branches together to form a smudge stick that is 2 inches around, then wrap it tightly with yarn or string. Light the end of the sage stick until it produces smoke.

5. Hold the photo over the stream of smoke, then close your eyes and visualize positive energy flowing into the sage from your hands.

6. Recite a series of affirmations beginning with, "I banish all negative energies, spirits and ill will from this person. Go now and do not come back." Over and over again, command the demons out of the person in the photograph until you feel the negative energies have been banished.

7. Sprinkle sea salt onto the photo. Salt has traditionally been used as a powerful element to banish evil energy.

8. For additional power, perform this exorcism with a group of people. Repeat the ritual until you can observe a positive change in the photo image.

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