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How To Win Big Medals and Big Prizes

Ever had fantasies about winning the Nobel Peace Prize or The Presidential Medal of Freedom Award which is America’s highest honour?

All you have to do is - do what others have done to win these medals and awards. Follow their example. They are your role models.

In 2009 Barack Obama's Nobel Peace (War) Prize won him $1.4 million.


On April 26, 2012, Madeleine Albright was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award. This war criminal and Bilderberger admittedly approved of the murder of 500,000 children.


Madeleine Albright’s award for her (dis)service to humanity has been bestowed on other fellow war mongers including Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and General Colin Powell whose lies to the UN (February 2003) initiated the endless bombing of Iraq and its citizens. 9/11 "inside job" President, George Dubbya, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tony Blair who helped supply the lies for the invasion of Iraq.

Henry "Dr. Evil" Kissinger— is responsible for the death of the largest number of innocent people and families in South East Asia and and for wholesale slaughter and repression in other parts of the world. This Bilderberg mass murderer won both the Nobel Peace Prize (1973) and the Presidential Medal of Freedom award (1977)!

Liar and war criminal George Bush senior and Colin Powell were both knighted by the Queen and are now "Sirs".

Henry Kissinger presented UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon with the"International Leadership" award. Ban Ki-Moon appproved the bombing, rape, looting and destruction of the oil rich nation of Libya by NATO’s “Humanitarian Intervention”.


Clearly, the way to win prestigious Awards is to become a liar and mass murderer OR... become a member of the British (German) Royal Family.

On May 7th, 2012, Harry and William were jointly nominated for the "Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership” award which “recognizes outstanding achievement”. Harry travelled to Washington to accept the humanitarian award. The award was presented to him by liar and war monger - Collin Powell.


Ever notice how the check-out stands at the supermarket are loaded with magazine cover photos of the "do-nothing" royal parasites whose talents and achievements are as noteworthy as Paris Hilton's?

William is photographed flying Naval Rescue helicopters - a career "PR stunt” because it is no longer "cool" for a future king to kill people. William was sent to the Falklands recently where a team of Special Forces troops formed a ‘ring of steel’ around him amid rising tensions with Argentina over the islands.

To guard Prince William, British taxpayers forked over big $$$$$ to at least 20 servicemen from the Special Air Service and Special Boat Service as well as an armed close protection unit including soldiers from the Royal Military Police on standby. No chances were taken over William's safety. What was he doing there besides posing for photo ops and sucking up tax money?

Harry was deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in 2007, where he reportedly hid deep in a bunker with the Forward Air Controller unit. Harry was surrounded by armed Royal Protection Officers and kept completely out of harms way. The job of the Forward Air Controller unit is to remotely guide in aircraft to attack the locals in poverty stricken villages.

Harry and William's entire upbringing has been in palaces, castles and the most elite schools. They even have an aristocratic adviser overseeing their lives.

The two Princes have established a charity to aid needy children in Africa which is really a "royal image enhancing" propaganda tool. They are involved in orphaning, maiming and ending children's lives in Afghanistan and exploiting the oil resources of the pristine Falkland Islands. These targeted and exploited "far away" lands pose no threat to anyone. William and Harry have been awarded the "Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership” Award “for championing” soldiers who have been invading and occupying these lands.

Prince Harry is being recognized for supporting charities like Walking With The Wounded, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Help For Heroes.” These charities are funded with money which help the maimed, destitute and traumatized in the countries that the Charity’s beneficiaries helped destroy.


The Nobel Peace Prize should be more accurately named the Nobel War prize. The Presidential Medal Of Freedom Award should be renamed the Presidential Medal Of Slavery Award. The "Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership” Award should be renamed the "Humanitarian Hypocracy Leadership” Award.

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