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Why do Gays Want Marriage?


Why Do Gays Want marriage?

By lifting the ban on gay marriages, the government and the courts are free to make break-ups expensively painful for everyone.

We’ve all seen those eye popping heterosexual divorce numbers – 50% of first marriages of people under the age of 45 will end in divorce. 40% to 80% of marriages will have at least one cheating spouse. Looks like the institution of marriage is NOT working for about half the USA.

Any guesses what gay divorce statistics might be?

People who have a vested interest in marriage for moral or religious reasons blame the person who broke up the marriage or had the affair by labelling them a bad person.  The problem isn’t that people who divorce or have affairs are “bad”. It’s that the marriage was bad.


Marriage is all about compromise. Compromising over which TV shows to watch, which music to listen to, which friends to have, what food to eat, how much to drink, what side of the bed to sleep on, what time to get up on week-ends. It's compromising over sex, cooking, cleaning, taking out the garbage. It's dealing with relatives, bills, laundry, dishes, shopping, taxes. One partner is more of a giver. One is more of a taker. One is more controlling. The other is more compromising. One is more sexual. The other is less sexual.

The fact that 50% of married couples end up divorced doesn’t necessarily mean the other 50% are happily married. Perhaps people who don’t have affairs would secretly like to have them... but stop themselves out of guilt or fear of being caught. The chances that both partners will still be passionately turned on to each other after 10 years or even 5 years of marriage is slim. The wet and wild honeymoon sex fizzles to a ho hum routine - so at some point you or your marriage partner may be faced with three choices. Stick with the ho hum, have an affair or endure an expensively painful divorce.


There's only one person you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with. There's only one person who is your soul mate and will never leave you. There's only one person whose voice will always be your companion. There's only one person who will stick to the vows, "to have and to hold from this day forth in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer 'til death do us part". YOU. That's the relationship that you're married to and can never divorce...so become the partner to yourself that you're looking for in others.

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