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Ron Paul Could Win If...

May 26, 2012

Ron Paul, the only sane candidate for the US Presidency, could win "hands down" if delegates and elections weren't bought.

Even though the delegate math isn't in Ron Paul's favor, nobody's giving up.

Morman Mitt Wrongney has almost 1,000 delegates and it seems unlikely with nine primaries left that Paul will be able to prevent Romney from getting the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination.



It's true, delegate math is complicated. There are still 664 delegates up for grabs, and 162 "super delegates" that are largely free to support whichever candidate they want. There's also the question of what happens to delegates who were pledged to Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich now that they're out of the race.

Even with all the ways the delegate count can shake out, it would take a monumental feat for Paul to prevent Romney from clinching the nomination. But Paul fans -- who have made something of a spectacle of their never-ending support -- expect just that to happen. Here's a look at what they're saying:

HeatherOK on current.com: "We haven't come this far, foiled attempts to defraud us, extort money from us, survived physical assault at the hands of Romney supporters, to give up on Ron Paul just because he doesn't want to waste money! … We will continue to stand up and demand that our voices be heard and our votes counted, no matter what shady tactics the GOP establishment pulls! Duh!"

Radical_Centrist on current.com: "Dr. Paul is not dropping out of the race, he is simply going to concentrate on getting delegates, which is what gets you the nomination in Tampa. I mean at this point we are trying to get enough delegates to FORCE a Brokered convention."

Bach Zeeshop on Current's Facebook page: "This guy draws over 6k+ crowds sometimes, and steadily over 2 and 3 thousand. Get a clue current this man could very well get the nomination."

rkm1 on Mother Jones' "Ron Paul 2012: No End in Sight": "We have all now come to understand that the message of Ron Paul is growing at a rate that the GOP establishment and the media cannot comprehend and this message will survive the national convention and general election … Moreover, Ron Paul's campaign has only begun his fight; we has gone off the radar of the media and are in the ground war for delegates."

Mark Fenlon on The Kansas City Star's "Ron Paul still aims for delegates at state conventions to push GOP": "Paul has not stopped campaigning!!!!! He has simply decided not to waste resources chasing primary States and is going after caucus States where he has a better chance to pick up more delegates. Paul's run is fare from over but more importantly the fact remains that Paul supporters WILL NOT, indeed they will NEVER vote for Romney (or anyone like him), no matter what promises or concessions Romney makes."

doitron2012 on Huffington Post's "Ron Paul Pares Back Presidential Campaign, Continues Delegate Hunt": "SO GET READY FOR IT, TAMPA HERE WE COME!! It's called exercising your freedom. We will not march in lockstep to the Romneyites and vote for the latest shill, thats been going on too long, our future is/has been at stake. Ron Paul delegates will not do anything wrong or illegal they will act within the rules to make sure they are heard. And bring an upset to the status quo. President Paul 2012!!!"

Rachel Walters on Ron Paul's Facebook page: "Can someone please explain how romney 'has the nomination'? Isn't that the whole point of the convention in Tampa? If Ron Paul is winning all of these states, then.....romney doesn't have 1144 delegates. Not even close … I don't understand how Ron wouldn't get nominated in Tampa if everybody votes for him at the convention."

Tommy Funebo on Politico's "Paul: I can't win the GOP nomination" via Facebook: "As everybody knows, if there is not >50% for any one candidate on the first ballot in Tampa, all bets are off. GOP insiders also knows, at least since a statement from RNC in 2008, that all delegates are considered "free agents" on the convention floor … Perchance you will be even less reassured of establishment victory if you take the time to also study what senior Ron Paul advisor Doug Wead writes in his blog. He indicates from time to time that the campaign has aces up their sleeve, that they will have "tons of people on the convention floor" etc. He may also have mentioned the existence of stealth delegates."

JimKonos on Politico's "Ron Paul’s message to the GOP": "Where have you people been? Ron Paul is sweeping up delegates at state conventions clear across the nation. He is not dropping out of the race anytime soon and will still be there in Tampa... Mark my words, he will win too!"

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