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Positive Thinking?


June 2nd, 2012

It isn't enough to create a better world for yourself just by thinking positively.

You need to look at why you have been projected into this physical realm that you are experiencing right now. You need to learn the nature of reality before you can climb back up the ladder of ascension.

Your Eyes Are Cameras

Your eyes are cameras. Your ears are microphones. Your brain is a computer processor and a projector. It processes the light and sound energy waves you input through your camera eyes and microphone ears. Then, your brain processes the light and sound waves and projects a 3D "reality" onto your mental movie screen. "Reality" is a holographic movie.

Our brain is the hardware. "Reality" is the software program and it's created through mathematical code. Who or what writes the reality code? The reality movie you are experiencing right now is the thought projection of your higher self.

Scientists tell us there is no physical world out there. The world that we touch, see, smell, hear and taste is just atoms of empty space. It's an illusion of our senses. Things that seem solid including our own bodies are made of densely packed vibrating atoms. When we sit on a chair or bump into something, it is just atoms colliding with atoms...but our sense of touch sends signals to our brain that creates the illusion of a solid, physical world.

Reality is happening inside our brain, not outside. So, why do we share essentially the same reality as others? Because we share the same mathematical DNA program. Other species share a moderately different reality because their DNA program is moderately different from ours.


If you didn't think of this reality as real, you wouldn't take this educational "living" experience seriously and there would be no learning process.

The reason you have come into this low level of creation is to learn. It's an educational playground. "Evil" is your teacher and so is "pain".

The earth matrix offers a multitude of learning scenarios. By choosing scenarios based on fear, greed, hatred and ego desires, you vibrate at a very low level and the earth matrix feeds you more of the same theme. Where focus goes - energy flows.

The energy of nature operates at a very high level of vibration. By connecting with nature's source energy, you raise your level of vibrational energy. Sadly, the majority of the human race focuses on ego and fear based themes. Making the decision to reconnect to the higher self, opens up new worlds for you.


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