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Magnotta: Horror Movie Star

Luka Locco Magnotta, 29, tied his 33-year-old male lover to a bed, icepicked him to death, dismembered his hands, feet and head and ate his victim's blood-soaked flesh. He videotaped the entire twisted murder, then uploaded it on youtube. The video was easily viewable online as recently as this week.

The head of Magnotta's decapitated victim has not yet been found which is fueling speculation that it is still in the mail. Magnotta mailed his victim's hand to a government office and the foot to a Vancouver school.

Some have linked the cannibal killing to the 1995 movie "Se7en," in which Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play two detectives hunting a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi.

The film ends with the grisly discovery of a head in a cardboard box.



The Canadian sicko is a copycat killer who identified with Hollywood's psycho role models and re-enacted scenes from Hollywood's favorite "bloodfest" movies.

In the 1992 movie Basic Instinct, the killer (Sharon Stone) uses an ice pick to kill her lover who is tied to a bed.


The music that was playing during Magnotta's video-taped icepick murder was from the 2000 serial killer movie American Psycho.

Magnotta made online references to the Basic Instinct and American Psycho movies. Serial killer Paul Bernardo who also video-taped his murder victims called the novel on which the American Psycho movie is based - his 'bible'." 

The "Uncut Version" of American Psycho is known as the "Killer Collector's Edition."


A continuing police investigation reveals that Magnotta may have been in Hollywood in January where the head, hands and feet of 66-year-old Hervey Medellin were found on a hiking trail leading up to the Hollywood sign.


Magnotta is 29. (2 + 9) = 11

Magnotta's Montreal victim = 33

Magnotta's alleged Hollywood victim = 66 (33 + 33)


Luka Rocco Magnotta is a “liar,” a “nut job” and the product of a “dysfunctional family” who needs to be apprehended immediately. So says a relative in Peterborough who spoke to QMI Agency on the condition of anonymity.

The woman told reporter Galen Eagle that Magnotta, born Eric Newman, was an “odd, effeminate” teen who grew up in Scarborough and Lindsay, Ontario, attending I.E. Weldon Secondary School in grades 10 and 11.

He was born to parents Don Newman and Anna Yourkin, but he was raised by his biological grandmother, who was described as a domineering personality who would beat up people with submissive personalities and get them to do what she wants.


Magnotta has also been linked to Stormfront.org, a white supremacist website. Stewart Bell at the National Post reports on a post on the site that names Magnotta as an “open white supremacist” who was being forced to leave Canada for Russia because of his views.


Luka Magnotta was a 23 year old aspiring porn actor and an escort for older men. He met some strangers for a threesome in a Toronto apartment, and took a liking to the transgendered member of the threesome who was his same age. They moved in together until 2006.

Magnotta’s transgendered girlfriend/boyfriend, who wishes to remain anonymous, recalls a date that year in which the two went to see the Sharon Stone film Basic Instinct 2 on opening night. Magnotta insisted they sit in the front row, and she recalls him holding her/his hand through the scene where a mystery blonde woman kills a man with an ice pick.

The uploaded youtube video of the Magnotta killing is titled “1 lunatic 1 ice pick.”


Magnotta’s ex said he was prone to mood swings and was infatuated by serial killer Karla Homolka. “He talked at length about Karla.” His ex claims their sex life was lousy because of his low sex drive.

“He didn’t have much of a high sex-drive when I was with him, to be honest. I kept begging him for sex, and he would never give it to me. This one time he allowed me to give him oral sex but it only lasted for one minute,” said his ex. Magnotta wouldn’t even kiss his ex on the lips. He wanted only to hold her/his hand, take him/her to the movies and wine and dine him/her at fancy restaurants. His ex said there was no intimacy even though they slept in the same bed. So she/he settled for neck hickeys.


When not eating out, Magnotta ordered pizza all the time, and never cooked meals. He always made the sign of the cross before he ate, saying he was raised to be grateful for what was on his plate.


Magnotta was “very cold” and would go silent when they argued, said his ex. “I didn’t trust him, cause there was something about him that gave me the creeps. I’m glad I broke up with him, ‘cause he could have killed me, and chopped me up in pieces.”

Magnotta constantly wanted his ex to take pictures of him. The first thing he did every morning was “market himself” on the internet, said his ex. “He wanted to be famous.”

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