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Making Sense Out Of Human Madness

Planet Earth is a beautiful jewel of unspeakable innocence and beauty and it is being poisoned and destroyed by human madness and "unconsciousness".

The ruling crime families are doing abominable things to our planet. They embody and personify madness and "unconsciousness".

Madness, evil and hatred are not something we can fight against. By fighting it, we get drawn into it and become mad, evil and hateful ourselves. Change comes when we are able to see the madness, evil and hatred and can stop identifying with it and participating in it.

If we can't fight madness, evil and hatred, how can we make sense out of it? Madness, evil and hatred have a very important function within the universe. They are the motivators that push us to awaken from our state of "unconsciousness".


Most human suffering is self created. It ends when we have had enough and are completely fed up with suffering. It ends when we are able to say, "I don't need to suffer anymore."

Suffering is a wonderful teacher. For most people, it is their only teacher. Suffering deepens us and it gradually erodes the false, self centered ego.

We need suffering to help us reach a point where we realize we don't need it anymore. When we reach that point, we start to evolve spiritually and we stop inflicting suffering on others.


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