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United States Of Europe. Seig Heil!

June 28, 2012

United States Of Europe? USE is an acronym that describes exactly what's happening to European nations. They're being USEd.

Eurozone "crisis talks" are heading towards a central power over economics and over a common foreign policy. The outcome is predictable. Another giant step closer to one world government.


The most important man in Europe right now is actually a woman...German Chancellor Angela Merkel... but one never knows what might be lurking under her pastel pant suit. Merkel is not the only praying mantis mastermind behind the European endspiel. German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble sits on her shoulder like a devious alter ego.

Merkel and Schäuble have a Hitlerian "my way or the highway" policy. To save Europe from imploding, they are proposing that European states give up their national sovereignty so that Germany can be crowned head of the European pyramid.

"The most important thing is that we create a fiscal union, one in which the nation states give up their jurisdiction in terms of fiscal policy. Europe would be better off with a bank union. We need a European supervisory authority." - Schäuble


With the euro zone’s debt crisis threatening to tear the bloc apart, Germany is pushing its inferior European partners into fiscal quicksand through integration. Angela Merkel's ambitious measures include a central authority to manage euro area finances and major new powers for the European Commission, European Parliament and European Court of Justice. She is also insisting on reforming labor markets, social security systems and tax policies.

Until European states agree to Merkel and Schäuble's proposals and give up their sovereignty, Berlin refuses to consider other life saving initiatives such as - joint euro zone bonds or a “banking union” with cross-border deposit guarantees.

Spain is already on board with Merkel and the ex Goldman Sachs leaders of Italy and Greece will no doubt cave, too. If all agree, this will be the biggest sell-out policy step since European nations agreed to give up their national currencies and cede control over monetary policy 13 years ago.

Instead of calling the integration of European nations - the United States Of Europe, it should more accurately be called the United States Of Germany (Fourth Reich).

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