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God Has Been Kicked Out Of The Girl Guides

JULY 6, 2012

Kick-ass Girl Guides are setting a gound breaking example for the rest the world!

In Australia, Girl Guides are not only kicking out God and the Queen but they are also kicking out 'Obedience' from their oath of allegiance. New South Wales state commissioner Belinda Allen says, "Obedience was universally seen as not appropriate for women in 2012."

In Canada, the Girl Guides dropped their pledge to both God and the queen back in 1994.



According to the Girl Scouts of the USA, it's acceptable for a Girl Scout to replace the word "God" with whatever word their spiritual beliefs dictate. But what about all of the "atheist" Girl Guides of America who are forced to take an oath of allegiance to serve God?

"On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my country..."


Girl Guides worldwide must pledge to serve their country...but what if their country has a government that starts, finances and participates in unjust wars, bombs and loots middle eastern nations and families, tortures and imprisons people indefinitely at GITMO without trial and bails out bankster crooks?

Since Girl Guides Of America allows their Girl Guides to replace the word "God" with whatever word their spiritual beliefs dictate, why not allow them to replace the word "country" with whatever word their political beliefs dictate... like "anarchy" for example?


Old Oath of allegiance:

"I promise to do my best; to do my duty to God; to serve the Queen and my country; to help other people and to keep the Guide law."

Ideal New oath:

"I promise that I will do my best, be true to myself, develop my own independent beliefs and serve the world community in the spirit of love and peace for all.




American dentist-turned-nutritionist Susan Rubin wants to BAN U.S. Girl Scout cookies. Dr. Rubin has no problem with treats...but there is one ingredient in these Girl Guide cookies that endangers planetary health as well as personal health. Dr. Rubin explains:

“The more I’ve learned about food and food systems, the more I’ve learned about our fragile environment. Every single flavor of Girl Scout cookies this year contains palm oil. While it is a saturated fat, that’s not why I don’t want my kids eating it. The issue is environmental.”

Dr. Rubin goes on to say that to grow palm oil, we destroy rainforests. And that means destroying the planet’s most biodiverse ecosystems, home to millions of indigenous people, rare plants and endangered animal species like orangutans, and creating runaway climate change that may impact our very future on this planet.

Lucie Page, who works in Cookie Customer Service at Girl Guides of Canada, was asked, "Do our Girl Guide cookies contain palm oil like those American Girl Scout cookies do?”Lucie replied, “Yes, they do. Palm oil is being used in both Girl Guides’ Classic and Mint cookies.”

Oh, no, Lucie!  Not the Girl Guide Mint ones!  People love those cookies. The only good news about Girl Guide cookies is that they no longer contain artery-clogging transfats, following growing worldwide pressure to reduce or eliminate this deadly fat in all processed foods.

According to the enter for Science in the Public Interest, palm oil is the cheapest vegetable oil on earth. It comes from plantations grown in huge destroyed tracts of tropical rainforests throughout Southeast Asia and Central America, but particularly inIndonesia and Malaysia, which account for 83% of palm oil production.

Palm oil is also a common ingredient in about 50% of all processed products we consume. Unilever uses palm oil in its Dove soap, Vaseline skin cream and Slim Fast diet products. It’s also in most granola bars, cookies, crackers, pastries, cereals, microwave popcorn, lipstick, detergents, ice cream – and even bio-fuel.

In 2006, North American regulatory agencies began to crack down on food manufacturers who were adding unhealthy trans fats from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (a major risk for heart disease). Processed food packaging must now list all trans fats, so many manufacturers are seeking to eliminate trans fat by switching to other cheap oils - and there’s no oil cheaper than palm oil.


Demand for palm oil has tripled since ’06, resulting in increased clearcutting and burning of rainforests for palm oil plantations. Those American Girl Scout cookies also contain cottonseed oil. Dr. Rubin warns:

“Cotton is not a food. It is loaded with pesticide residue; in fact, cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops. Since cotton crops are under far less chemical regulation than crops used specifically for food, many pesticides and chemicals can be used on cotton crops that are illegal for use on food crops. In addition to the pesticide residue, cottonseed oil is extremely high in inflammatory Omega 6 oil.”

Dr. Susan Rubin ends her essay with this dramatic plea: “Parents: please don’t have your kids sell these cookies. “Take some time, make some real cookies, make a donation to the Girl Scouts, a great organization. But I’d like to see their cookies go extinct. There are so many other worthwhile fundraisers that are good for people and for the planet.

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