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Cliff Jumping Crazies

JULY 7, 2012

Cliff jumping in Vancouver, Canada is not for the faint of heart.

There's plenty of cliffs to jump from in North Vancouver's Lynn Valley Canyon... but, as the posted signs all around you point out - lots of people have been killed for the thrill.

First, you’re going to have to climb the cliff, then you’re going to have to look down into the icy cold glacier water that lies way beneath you–and finally–you’re going to have to jump off that cliff or get called a "woos".

Dare devil cliff jumpers (girls and guys) at Lynn Valley Canyon get an adrenaline rush when they jump and a BRAIN FREEZE when they hit the BONE-CHILLING glacier water.


Make sure it’s hot when you jump–it’s VERY HARD to walk back up the GIANT HILL when your whole body is numb and your legs feel like jelly. But it’s fun! Fun and exhilarating.

Bring a lawn chair, beer, and your dog and spend the whole day in this secluded haven.

“Granny’s Cove” in the Capilano Canyon near the Capilano Suspension Bridge is also hugely popular. It's a great, secluded area and generally safe and fun. The number of cliffs to jump from is only limited by your imagination. Like Lynn Valley, Granny’s Cove has water that freezes your brain and chills you for days.



One of the best options for cliff jumping is Lion’s Bay, a short drive (or long bus ride) from Vancouver. The location is fairly difficult to find (walk along the railroad tracks in the direction back towards Vancouver). Advice - you better be friendly with the locals.

Lion’s Bay cliff jumping is the ultimate set up. High cliffs that aren’t TOO high, a diving board, a slide, a rope swing, and a little net to sit in. Jumping into the ocean is saltier, but slightly warmer, than the North Vancouver cliff jumps. It couldn’t get much better than this–if you can find it, that is.



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