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What? No Olympic Terror Attack?


August 12, 2012

The internet has been abuzz with people predicting a dirty bomb attack, an alien invasion or some other false flag attack at the London Olympics.

There have been plenty of non-mainstream AND mainstream media clues that lead people to make those predictions.

Was there a terror attack? Yes. Most definitely... but the attack was the mainstream media dropping a dirty bomb on the non-mainstream media by discrediting them as an "unreliable" information source.



There is a nasty media war going on right now between the mainstream and non-mainstream media. The non-mainstream media have delivered some costly and punishing blows as viewers turn to alternative sources for their news and information.

CNN has had months of free fall. Official quarterly numbers confirm that the cable news giant has hit 21-year lows in both viewers and adults 25-to-54. The primetime lineup of Anderson Cooper 360 and Piers Morgan have had 35 and 41 percent drops since the second quarter in 2011. Among the other cable networks, MSNBC and Fox News Channel also were down in primetime.

While the corporate funded media continues to plunge, the alternative media continues their upward trend. The "alternative" media has attacked the mainstream media for brainwashing the "sheople", imbedding lapdog reporters for the military-industrial complex, serving corporate special interest groups, diverting public attention away from real issues and delivering superficial and selective news coverage that is interupted by mind-numbing commercials.

To fight back, the mainstream media is accusing the non-mainstream media of being unprofessional, unsourced, unreliable, irrational, extreme and fanatical.


The power of the mainstream media has always rested with its monopoly over the flow of information to the trusting non-critical thinking masses.

Now that viewers are breaking free of the mainstream media's stranglehold and turning to alternative media for their news and information, the monopolists are making desperate attempts to discredit alternative media. How? By infiltrating.


Is celebrity activist Alex Jones an example of infiltration of alternative media by mainstream media owners to keep control over both sides of the flow of information?

Alex Jones has reported that a whistleblower uncovered evidence that 200,000 casket linings were prepared for a terrorist attack that could have prompted the evacuation of London.



Now that the London summer Olympics have come and gone without incident, how credible, professional, sourced, reliable and rational will Alex Jones and other prophets of doom be?

One thing we know about the ruling crime families - they hate to be predictable. Their false flag operations always catch us off guard and they always catch us by surprise. It's only in hindsight that we look back and see the clues that we missed.

It should be no surprise that there were no dirty bombs, no terrorist attack on Big Ben and no alien invasion at the London Olympics. When the next false flag occurs, chances are, it will be a surprise.

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