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Delete Your Facebook Account: Here's Why

JULY 10, 2012

During a "staged" interview with Mark Zuckerberg about privacy breaches at the 2010 D8 Conference, the Facebook CEO started sweating like a pig. He squirmed and sweated so much that he had to take off his signature hoodie.

Zuckerberg is a Jewish actor and he put on one helluva a nervous sweating act during the interview. Right on cue, he removed his hoodie and (intentionally) exposed the blue silk lining with his hidden insignia.

Jewish interviewer Kara Swisher knew her lines and played her supporting role perfectly. She took one look at the (intentionally) exposed insignia and remarked, "What are you in, some kind of cult?" That statement lit up the internet. Massive publicity is what Zuckerberg wanted and that's what Zuckerberg got.



As predicted, everybody wanted to know what the "secret" insignia hidden on the lining of Zuckerberg's hoodie meant. Why did Zuckerberg keep it hidden from public view...especially after professing his desire for 'free,' 'transparent,' and 'open,' communication?

Insignias like Zuckerberg's have been used in the past by cult leaders to "subliminally" mobilize the multitudes. Secret societies, the'Illuminati, Freemasonry and political movements like Nazism have used insignia's to stir the passions of blind followers.

How can Zuckerberg's insignia mobilize the masses? The controversial news coverage puts the insignia right in people's faces to do its work.


About 900 million people have active Facebook accounts and it never occurs to them that it's a tool for mass monitoring. People generally know that Facebook has been used as a hang-out for predators, perverts, and rapists but not for the government.

People take facebook at face value. They think it's a social network for keeping in touch with people and for playing old games from the eighties. They fail to understand that every social network is basically a way for big brother to tag and watch them. Myspace, Facbook, Xanga, all of them! Look at what they ask you when you sign up:


Your sex, full name, address, all phone numbers, political views, religion, birthday, email, zip-code, websites, Sm’s, sexuality, activities, interests, class year, college, high school, elementary school, employer, company, position in that company, a photo of yourself, and anything else you are willing to add.

Of course, you’re really only required to put your name. But then again, that’s really all they need isn’t it? Things like Facebook and Myspace just make it easier for them to target you. And with organized posting, they can monitor what you are discussing on-line.

Facebook? An evil corporation trying to brainwash people? No way! It's just an independent group of people who run a very popular website, right? Wrong. Let’s look at who really owns Facebook and who’s really in charge.


Viacom. One of the big 6 media monopolists. Owners of Viacom are part of the CFR which is "Illuminati" which is the government. Google also has a huge piece of the Facebook pie. A couple million dollars worth actually. The Jewish CEO and head chairmen of Google, Eric E. Schmidt is part of the Bilderburg Group which is Illuminati. The Zionist Illuminati own Facebook and they own just about everything else.

Protect yourself and your family. See "Account delete instructions" at the end of the youtube video. Watch the instructions before deleting your account.


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