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Olympic "Survival" Song?


It should be no surprise that a song called "Survival" has been named the official song of the 2012 Olympic games. What's surprising is that the British rock band Muse produced it.

David Icke and Alex Jones promoted the Muse band in the past for their anti-establishment tunes and videos...but how anti-establishment is it to carry the Olympic torch? How anti-establishment is it to kiss Olympic royal ass with an official Olympic song?

We need to ask ourselves why "survival" is an important theme at the Olympic games this year? Does the establishment know something the rest of us don't know?



Race, life’s a race
And I am gonna win
Yes, I am gonna win
I’ll light the fuse
And I’ll never lose
And I choose to survive
Whatever it takes
You won’t pull ahead
I’ll keep up the pace
And I will reveal my strength to the whole human race
Yes, I am prepared to stay alive
I won’t forgive
Vengeance is mine,
And I wont give in because I choose to thrive

And I am going to win

Race, it’s a race
And I’m gonna win, Yes I am gonna win
And I will light the fuse
And I’ll never lose
And I choose to survive
Whatever it takes
You won’t pull ahead
Because I’ll keep up the pace
And I will reveal my strength to the whole human race
Yes I am going to win.

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Win! Win! Win! Win!

The "Survival" music is disturbingly eerie and sinister. It starts off sounding like the band QUEEN which subliminally connects listeners to the real Queen whose face is stamped on everything Olympic.

The song then turns into what could pass for a survivalist movie score for "Hunger Games". The music fits images of human sacrifice better than Olympic games. It THUNDERS like a war march and says nothing about a 'peaceful Olympic gathering'.

The song lyrics are told not from an athlete's perspective but from a Zionist perspective. "Light a fuse - vengeance is mine - reveal (our) strength to the whole human race - fight fight fight win win win!"

The backup vocals repeat throughout the song, SO I TOLD YOU. Translation? "You were warned."

There is one moral code that the Illuminati embrace. They must tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it. They tell us through their Music and Film industries.

"Race" is another theme in the Survival song. The opening line “Race, Life is A Race” can be taken in two ways. From the Zionist Illuminati perspective, it refers to the blue blood race that has won control over our life. We are their debt slaves.






We Will Rock You posters are seen all over London. They advertise the London Olympics Hand-Over Concert. If London is going to be "rocked" by the Zionist Illuminati, the posters aren't very comforting. The "Survival" lyrics "I will light the fuse” are even less comforting.

“We Will Rock You” syncs with the theme of the song – Queen. The "Survival" song deliberately copies Queen and listeners are subliminally reminded over and over and over again who the real Queen is.




Ever notice how often the Illuminati make Biblical references in their films, movies and music?

"Yes I am prepared to stay alive. I won't forgive, the Vengeance is mine." (Muse - Survival)

"Vengeance is mine, and recompense, For the time when their foot shall slip. For the day of their calamity is at hand, And the things that shall come upon them make haste." (Deuteronomy 32:35)

“And I will reveal my strength to the whole human race” (Muse - Survival). Who is the "I"? The "I" must be a non-human race (alien) revealing its strength to the human race.


From the Super Bowl to Kony, to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and now the Olympics, 2012 has been one long magic ritual. The message of the rituals is not “Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace!”. It's “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!”.

The official Olympic song "Survival" only makes sense when viewed from the Zionist “illuminati” perspective. They are talking to the sheeple about how they are going to win by keeping up their aggressive pace and by doing whatever it takes without forgiveness.

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