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Olympic Closing Ceremony Black Mass

It’s official. We don’t have to wonder anymore about when the New World Order will start. The Olympic opening and closing ceremonies announced it loud and clear. It's NOW!

The corporate sponsors of the Olympic ceremonies delivered hours of Satan worshipping, Satan glorifying, in-your-face rituals celebrating the birth of world government under a New World Order. (NWO reversed = "OWN").



Like the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony had nothing to do with sports. The closing ceremony featured a giant red phoenix with the head of a dragon. The winged beast was framed by an Illuminated pyramid and appeared to rise out of the flames while the rock band "Take That" sang 'Rule the World'.



The rising Phoenix (Lucifer) symbolizes Luciferic ascension.

For Lucifer to ascend to the throne, the Queen must vacate and descend from her throne. The opening ceremonies could not begin until the Queen had symbolically descended from her throne by parachute.

In the opening ceremonies, Lucifer's firey sperm fertilized the ‘Egg’. Later in the ceremony, a dark giant sized sleeping infant appears - the son of Lucifer and "Prince" of darkness.


The Phoenix (Lucifer) rising was seen at the Chile mine disaster when the phoenix (fenix) capsule ritually rose up "33" times. One of the risen mine rocks was delivered by Chile's President to the Queen at Buckingham palace the next day.

The Phoenix rising is also seen at the center of the United Nations Security Council mural where world leaders make decisions that impact the lives of 7 billion people. In the mural, the phoenix (Lucifer) does not rise from its ashes. It sheds its skin like a snake.



Where else do we find the red dragon? On Prince Charles coat of arms, there is a red dragon with the Gerrman words "Ich Dien" which means "I worship". The context is "I worship the red dragon. I worship Lucifer". The red dragon is also found partially hidden on Prince William's coat of arms. Why are there German words on Charles Coat of arms? Because the Windsor royal family are German, not British. Prince Philip is German and his surname was Battenberg but he changed it to the more British sounding name of Mountbatten. The Queen's surname was also changed from the German name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the more British sounding name of Windsor.


The Closing Ceremony showcased the usual Illuminati symbols – pyramids and illuminated capstones, flaming eye, cauldron, sun rays, domes, checkerboard, pillars, pentagrams, clocks, and even an Olympic UFO hovering above the stadium as the London (all seeing) Eye transformed into a Mothership.

The closing ceremonies even dared to show reminders of “The Dark Knight Rises” movie massacre in Aurora Colorado when Batman jumped out from his car before it exploded. ‘The Joker’ with orange/red hair also appeared in the ceremony along with cutaways to the red haired Prince Harry.

Yes. The Dark Knight has risen and the New World Order is complete.



The bloodbath massacre at Aurora Colorado was staged on July 20th at the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises" movie. A "disguised' shooter wearing a gas mask, helmet and armour opened fire at random in the Century 16 theatre killing 12 and injuring dozens of others. This well planned blood sacrifice ritual was a prequel to the Olympic ceremony rituals seven days later.



The music lyrics of the opening and closing ceremonies tell a story.

The hymn "Jerusalem" kicked off the opening ceremony. Why Jerusalem? Why not "New York, New York"? Or "Chicago"? Or "Constantinople"? Because it's totally inappropriate for an INTERNATIONAL sporting event!!! The hymn Jerusalem was also featured at Prince William's wedding. The lyrics are about the fight to build Jerusalem that was burned to the ground by the Romans in 70 AD causing the Hebrew tribes to disperse from Israel. The dispersed tribes eventually (re)united in the (re)United Kingdom under the Union Jack flag (Union of Jackob - the patriarch of the Jewish tribes of Israel).

The Hymn Jerusalem was followed by "Danny Boy" which references Dan, son of Jackob and leader of the Tribe of Dan (symbolized by the snake) which the Windsor royals are descended from.

"We Can Rule The World" was featured in the closing ceremony as a giant red phoenix with the head of a dragon rising up from the flames like a winged beast in front of an illuminated pyramid.

John Lennon's "Imagine" invited "no religion" and "the world will live as one" under one world government ruled by Luciferic tyrants and a world King. The crowd was invited to dream and imagine instead of "waking up"!

The ceremony background music was generally dark and sinister and sounded more like a black mass than a celebration of sport.


Annie Lenox's boat of the slaves with Lucifer (the guy with the black wings) was perhaps the creepiest part of the show. The singer was dressed as a High Priestess witch in red and black and looked possessed. We wonder what the meaning of the tortured people inside the boat is. The dissenters?


As the games ended, the International Olympic Committee President declared the London 2012 Olympic Games 'happy and glorious'.

Does 'happy and glorious' sound familiar? It's the line from "God Save The Queen (King)" which precedes the line, "long to reign over us."

Although viewers saw the red dragon rising symbolically at the closing ceremonies, where was the real red dragon on such a monumental occasion? Official reports state that he had to work in North Wales where he is stationed as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the Royal Air Force.


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