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Another Shooter Makes Summer Headlines

53-year-old Jeffrey Johnson was fired from his job last year at Hazan Imports, a woman's clothing store ...  across the street from the Empire State building. He returned this morning around 9AM for revenge, shooting and killing a former co-worker with a .45-caliber handgun.

The streets were packed with tourists and commuters at the time -- and according to police, Johnson fled the scene ... walking up 5th Avenue with his gun concealed in a black bag under his arm.


A construction worker eyewitness who saw the shooting alerted nearby officers who then approached Johnson -- and cops claim Johnson responded by taking out his gun and opening fire.

The officers returned fire, killing Johnson -- and upwards of 9 bystanders were injured in the crossfire. Mayor Bloomberg took the opportunity to rally public support for "gun control" legislation.


The Batman Theater Shooter, The Sikh Temple Shooter, The Empire State Building Shooter and the Norway Shooter are all making headline news this summer. What do they have in common? They're all white guys. What's the message? Fear! Everybody's a suspect! You're not safe in a movie theater, a church, a summer camp or visting famous landmarks like the Empire State Building.

The solution? Gun control legislation, more surveillance, more searches, more facial recognition technology, more police, more giving-up-our-rights to protect our rights until we have no rights at all!

Was the Empire State Building shooter set-up as a patsy in a string of staged domestic terrorism events to win public support for "gun control" legislation? Maybe. We need to learn more about the Constuction Worker eyewitness who followed the gunman and alerted police.

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