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Topless Kate, Bottomless Harry



The latest Royal headlines show topless Kate holidaying with William in southern France and bottomless Harry orgying in Vegas. The racey pics HAVE shown up everywhere but NOT by accident.

These "staged" royal scandals are all about keeping the royals in the headlines. The Windsors (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenbergs) are wealthy enough, influential enough and surrounded by enough armed body guards and security goons to guarantee their privacy if desired.




The job of royal script writers and spin doctors is to write and stage royal scandals that keep the Windsors in the headline news. The goal is to maintain their celebrity status, to reinforce their "specialness" and importance and to massage continuing public interest.



Did Harry and Kate's photo scandals damage their reputations or the Royal family's reputation? On the contrary! The bottomless Harry story launched him into the category of "super cool modern royal playboy" and the topless Kate story has quieted rumours that the "childless" William and Kate's love life has gone stale.



The Queen and her parasytical offsping are seen on glossy magazine covers at all supermarket checkout stands and on news stands worldwide. They are featured in award winning TV and theatrical movie releases, best selling books and in flattering documentaries.


The ultimate goal of all this royal publicity is to make the public forget the criminal history of the Windsors and prepare the public for William's role as NWO King.

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