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2013 Technology Craze

Many are expecting the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Others are looking forward to 2013, happy to be alive and feeling the world is one step closer to the greatest technological revolution humankind has ever known.

2013 may not be the year humans and machines fuse into one but there will be plenty of new gadgets for us to play with.

Here's a glimpse at a few of next year's toys.


Hiroko - MIT's Folding Car

The Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) has their sights set on being the catalyst for finally pushing the electric automobile revolution over the edge. In 2013, the Hinoko (meaning "urban car," pictured above) will be released to the masses across Europe (With a small few areas in the U.S.), making the Smart Car look even more ridiculous than it already does with its sleek design and new age features.

The Hiriko is easy to park in small spaces. It fits into one third of a parking space after being "folded" up. Yes, that's right, three Hirikos can fit into one regular parking space. The downside? A 75 mile range.


Bendy Screen Smartphone

A bendy screen smartphone is a smartphone touting a screen that we can bend! Yep. Who doesn’t want to bend and twist their phone into silly shapes sometimes?

The new phone model will allow us to bend it, roll it up, and hit it with a hammer.



Basis Band

We’ve all seen heart rate monitors, pedometers, and the like. Soon, we'll have something even more advanced and useful called the Basis Band. The Basis Band is a wrist watch style monitor that can monitor virtually everything your body does. It automatically detects your activities and keeps track of things such as calories burned, heart rate, sleeping patterns, and other physical activities. I’ve never been a huge fan of health monitors in the past, but a device that can monitor my sleep patterns on top of everything else may be just what I need.


Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

Got a digital camera strung around your neck, a backpack for your laptop, a tablet in your briefcase, and a phone in your pocket? Well, the Fujitsu Lifebook, coming in 2013, combines all of these fancy pieces of technology into one.



Smart Glasses

Google’s new line of smart specs are going to put a little screen right in front of your eyes as you walk around going about your life. This screen will present to you an augmented reality overlay as you view the world around you. The Google Goggles are reported to have built in 4G with GPS technology, a camera, and a Bluetooth connection to Android based phones.


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