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Is Angelina Jolie A Globalist Whore?



Conspiracy ranter, Alex Jones, is calling for the arrest of Angelia Jolie for war crimes against humanity.

Is Angelina Jolie really a "globalist whore" and a poster girl for the illuminati as Alex claims? Before we pass judgement, let's explore her eccentric past.



She has the body of a blowup doll. Her lips, as if bee-stung, are made to be kissed...and not just by men. Women want those lips, too. Angelina confesses her bisexuality. "I don't understand all the controversy this stirs up. I thought that the raison d'etre of an artist was to fully express oneself."



Tattooed above the bikini line are the words,"What nourishes me, destroys me". Angelina collects tattoos. She has 8 of them exactly. On her left arm, an enormous dragonhead and on her shoulder is a Chinese symbol representing death. There's a cross on her thigh, another on her hip. When asked about her tattoo of a snake, she says she believes reptiles watch over her family.

Is she scared she'll regret the tattoos one day? "If in my life it's the one thing that I will regret, then I will come out of it not bad." She collects knives, and owns a war ax and an African spear. She confesses, that she has toyed with blades (knife) to increase her pleasure in erotic games. But if today she keeps a knife next to her bed, it is, she says, only to open her mail.

She has openly spoken of her teenage self-loathing, which led to cutting herself with knives, early and intense sexual experience (her boyfriend moved in with her at 15), her fascination with death (she planned a career as a funeral director in her teens), thoughts of suicide, and undefined feelings of frustration. Looking back on this period in 2003, she explained:


I used to think I was unstable, because I had this thirst for something. I could never figure out what it was. I couldn't sleep at night, and I always wanted to be somewhere else, and I have a window tattooed, this little box, and it's because wherever I was, I wanted to be somewhere else. And, I always saw myself, wherever I was in life, staring out the window.

She would voluntarily cut her hand, needing to feel. She doesn't feel alive unless she questions everything. Instead of a pretty white rabbit when she was little, she had a snake.

Angelina is the daughter of actor Jon Voight who became immortalized in the role of Joe Buck in the 1969 movie classic, "Midnight Cowboy." He won an Oscar for his role as a Vietnam vet in "Coming Home". Angelina was one years old when her parents divorced. Moving from one house to another with her mother, she suffered the absence of her father. "All our lives, we had a difficult relationship because we are so much alike". She calls her father Jon He calls her Jelly Bean. Instead of seeking therapy during her down times, she would drive all night, music blasting, hair in the wind and cigarette between her lips.

At age 20, Angelina married British actor Johnny Lee Miller (Sick Boy in "Trainspotting") and wore tight black rubber pants. To celebrate their union, she wrote on her white shirt with her blood, the name of her lover. Married in '96, they separated in '97, divorced in '99. "I am emotionally independent, I didn't know how to let a man be a man," confessed Jolie.

Angelina Jolie is an American actress known for her exotic beauty, wild-child image, award-winning acting, and more recently, her globe-trotting work with the UN and CFR, her growing international family, and her high-profile relationship with Brad Pitt.

Jolie attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute from the age of 11 to 13, appearing in several stage productions. Later she attended Beverly Hills High School, where she was shunned due to her comparatively poor clothes and odd looks. At 16, she moved into an apartment near home and went back to the theatre. She appeared in several student films directed by her brother James Haven and also became a model, working in Los Angeles, New York and London and appearing in music videos.

In the 1999 film, "Girl Interrupted", Angelina landed a major role playing an institutionalized sociopath who was overtly sexual, charismatically attractive, self-destructive, cruelly honest, and always yearning to really feel something. She won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance.

Also in 1999, Jolie played the dark and seductive wife of Billy Bob Thornton in Pushing Tin. Although he was two decades her senior, she married him in Las Vegas on May 5, 2000. They frequently declared their intense passion for each other and referred almost constantly to their sex life and to wearing vials of one another's blood around their necks. "I would drink his blood if I could", said Jolie in an interview. Andrew Morton's recent biography of her claims that she practices voodoo and drinks blood.

Jolie became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in 2001 after filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in Cambodia. Jolie adopted an orphan from Cambodia, Maddox Chivan Jolie and divorced Thornton on May 27, 2003.


By July 2005, Jolie became the third actress to command a fee of $20 million per movie with the action-comedy Mr. & Mrs. Smith costarring Brad Pitt. During filming, she became the center of a major Hollywood scandal in which she was accused of having an affair with Brad Pitt and breaking up his marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston.

Jolie has adamantly denied these claims, insisting, "To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not look at myself in the morning, if I did that." She has said elsewhere, "I wouldn't be attracted to a man who would cheat on his wife."

Brad Pitt has also denied any wrongdoing while he was still married. However, Pitt was present when Angelina adopted her second child from Ethiopia, Zahara Marley Jolie, and he legally adopted both her children on January 19, 2006. Maddox and Zahara have since had the legal surname Jolie-Pitt. On May 27, 2006, Jolie and Pitt became biological parents for the first time with the birth of a daughter named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

Angelina Jolie has expressed no specific religious beliefs, doesn't personally feel the need for a God and dislikes authority-based religion, but is not willing to go so far as embracing atheism.


In 2007, Jolie became a member of THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS! HELLLOOO!!! She also met with the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan back in 2005. Could someone explain what an ACTRESS is doing meeting with all of these presidents and prime ministers? Nobody thinks it's weird either because she's done such a good job of crafting a "Mother Teresa" image. She's been working with the UN for years which is NOT the benevolent organization it claims to be. On World Refugee Day, Jolie appeared in a photo with Condo"sleeza" Rice in 2005.

Angelina's first Tomb Raider movie mentions the illuminati and is peppered with illuminati symbols. Her movie Hackers mentions the New World Order. Coincidence?


Is Angelina Jolie, Goodwill Ambassador to the UN and member of Illuminati's CFR, using her profile to promote NATO's genocidal "humanitarian intervention" war doctrine? In an interview with the Balkans branch of Al Jazeera (NATO's 'Ministry of Truth'), Jolie (whose father has been a staunch defender of George W. Bush and who visited Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Nakba) can afford to be selective about the roles she plays. Her film "In the Land of Blood and Honey" is a pro-war propaganda set-piece centred around "humanitarian intervention"...but is it really humanitarian?

Set in Sarajevo, Jolie's directorial debut aims to justify NATO's brutal butchery in Bosnia during the 1990s, and Jolie even specifically refers to Syria in her Al Jazeera interview. She puts forth a string of utterly hollow gripes about the inactivity of the "international community" as civilians suffer and die.

Jolie doesn't once mention Libya -- a nation now butchered, fractured, and transformed into a torture state by NATO's genocidal "humanitarian intervention" where an estimated 100,000 innocent people have been slaughtered by the very same "international community".


Angelina Jolie parades her so-called charitable work in front of the cameras. She seduces her international audience into believing she is a humanitarian to justify the globalist raids on third world nations for their resources. These raids leave millions behind to starve to death.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) makes loans to third world countries that they can't pay back. They then, force debt-ridden nations into starvation and poverty. They must trade away their resources to pay back the IMF loan sharks until there is nothing left to trade for food and water. That's how revolutions are provoked. That's what creates a "manufactured" excuse for the UN to plant themselves firmly in the regions which they want to dominate. Angelina Jolie works for them. She is a seductive saleswoman for the CFR who specialize in utilizing the media for mass deception.

Jolie is openly pushing for globalist wars under the cover of humanitarian intervention. Drunk on the blood of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and scores of other nations, Jolie is now pushing for military invasion to “help” Africa. She and her illiuminati paymasters are carrying out destabilization operations in the 3rd world to reduce the population and steal their resources.

The UN is at the center of the corporate global government takeover. Wars are being launched against innocents. Angelina Jolie is their poster girl. She is promoting NATO’s genocidal "‘humanitarian intervention’ war doctrine" and she is now howling for Syrian blood.


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