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Remembrance: Soldiers are enemies of peace


November 11, 2012

We have forgotten the real definition of the word hero. Why? Because the media monopolies have redefined the word ‘hero’.

Heroes go to war, bully, burn, maim, occupy and kill for their leaders even when the war(s) is a lie.

We have forgotten that a true hero seeks and defends the truth at all costs knowing that the consequence of denial is the triumph of evil.



The real heroes in the US military are soldiers with a conscience. The number one reason why US soldier suicides have skyrocketed to "one per day" is because some soldiers have a "conscience".


Once deployed, soldiers find themselves lost in a nightmare reality where they are forced to kill innocent people, destroy villages and gun down families while they sleep. They see the murder and rape of women and children by fellow soldiers. They eventually reach a point where they can't live with what they have seen or done... and nasal spray won't fix that!


The military reported 471 rapes of service members in 2011 but the true number is far higher. Only about 13.5 percent of all rapes and sexual assaults in the military are actually reported. Why? Because they are re-victimized by the military.

The Women's Health and Rights Program at the Center for American Progress estimates that several hundred women in the military become pregnant as a result of rape each year. Despite numerous reform efforts, the Pentagon has blocked abortion access for raped soldiers.


Does anyone really believe that "peace" in the middle east is the goal of the U.S./UK/Israeli military-industrial complex?


What do war, Congressmen, Senators, and the defense (offense) industry have in common? “Profits.”

Conflict makes money for the military industrial complex and for the sell-out politicians they place in Congress, the Senate, and the White House. The international arms dealers, commodity dealers, military contractors, civilian contractors and black marketeers also rake in the profits.


An investigation by Ralph Forbes from American Free press reported on May 05, 2008 that more than a quarter of US senators and congressmen have invested at least $196 million of their own money in companies doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) that profitS from the death and destruction.

The report says that investments in these defense (offense) companies yielded Congress members between $15.8 million and $62 million in personal  income from 2004 to 2006, through dividends, capital gains, royalties, and interest. As wars escalate, so do the profits.

The report also said that members of the senate foreign relations and armed services committees which oversee the Iraq war had between $32 million and $44 million invested in companies with DoD contracts. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), who voted for the Iraq war, had stock in defense companies such as Honeywell, Boeing and Raytheon, but sold them in May 2007.



It makes no difference which party is in power because both sides are on the same payroll and pushing the same agenda.

To get elected as a congressman or senator, you need skeletons in your closet so you can be taken down if you disobey your corporate masters who financed your campaign and put you there in the first place.

Machiavellian politics 101 forbids you from ever biting the hand that feeds you.

A new (or re-elected) president, a new congress, and a new senate, only lead to the creation of a new corruption ring, new false flag operations, new scapegoats to slay, new state terrorism, and new wars.

Understand your enemy and understand the weapons they use. Then use those same weapons against them. The money system is the head of the snake. Cut the head off the snake and it will whither and die. There is no need for violence or guns or banners or slogans or rioting in the streets. Just a united act of global non compliance.

Remember that it is much easier to stand up for what you know in your heart is right than it does to blindly follow unjust laws and orders out of fear of the consequences. Stand together united in global non compliance. The alternative is compliance and submission to a New World Order of global enslavement.


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