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Alex Jones is the pied piper

Alex Jones is on the war path - the civil war path. Just as our "Revolution Trap" DVD predicted, Alex is now making his move! Without question, he is the most popular celebrity activist in the world...and he didn't get that way without help from the same New World Order mobsters that he rants about.


We all know the NWO mobsters play both sides of the fence. We know they infiltrate movements and we know they finance revolutions and the leaders of revolutions. They financed the first American revolution and they are now financing the second American revolution.

Revolutions need leaders that the people trust...and Alex Jones is their man.



There is no question that Alex has tirelessly fed his followers with shockingly accurate and enlightening information. He admits he has connections inside the White House and that his videographer knows moles who feed him inside information. Ya. Right. Our DVD's and website have even featured some of Alex' more enlightening youtubes...not because we endorse him but because the information is accurate.

Alex Jones needs your trust and he has your trust...but beware of the "divide and conquer" revolutionary path he is leading you down. Where does it lead? To chaos. Where does the chaos lead? It leads to New World "Order Out Of Chaos".


Alex Jones is a saleman and so far he has sold nothing but low vibrational fear and anger. "Buy before you die! Spend before the end. Hurry to my website and get your Armageddon survival products before the New World Order declares martial law and kills us all!"

Alex is like the Burger King of Activism and his menu favorites are the Build-a-burger (Bilderberger), the FEMA Coffin burger and the char broiled Apocalypse burger for the entire family.

Alex has added two new burgers to his all-you-can-eat menu. The "secede" burger and the "civil war" burger smothered in testosterone.


Alex Jones and Sarah Palin are like the Barbie and Ken dolls of political activism. They're both caricature defenders of the constitution, the flag, guns and the Bible and they both share the "God is on my side" mantra and the belief that the Jews are Gods chosen race of people and that they are entitled to the land of the Palestinian Muslims. Why? Because the Bible says so.

Why hasn't Alex informed his fans about the real reason we are at war with Israel's enemies? Hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars are spent supporting Israel and the middle east holocaust of illegal land and resource grabbing, murder, torture and blood bath terrorism.


Are the corporate suppliers of all-you-can-eat Alex burgers the same corporate perverts who gather every July at the Bohemian Grove elite retreat in California?

Alex claims he snuck into Bohemian Grove and filmed a mock human sacrifice in front of a giant owl…but skeptics question how he managed to slip past security with his camera to film the bizarre rituals without being spotted - unless of course he had insider clearance...or unless...he's an insider himself.

Here is a youtube of Trilateral Commission member David Gergen being interviewed by Jones. Ask yourself why DAVID GERGEN would give Jones the time of day???



What is Alex Jones doing sitting next to dragon lady "Barbara Walters" as a featured guest on ABC's top rated show "The View"?

Alex loves to rant about the evil “mainstream media”... yet upon close examination...Alex IS mainstream media.

GCN, Genesis Communication Network, is the radio network that gives him a voice and guess what? It's an affiliate of ABC/Disney. GCN is owned by Ted Anderson who just happens to be President and CEO of Midas Resources, a gold broker.



Think about it. How did Alex get past heavy security into Bohemian Grove? How did he land an interview with David Gergen? How did he get an interview and free publicity from the bankster owned media monopolies on "The View"?

Alex Jones has been made into an activist celebrity superstar that has won your trust. His job is to both inform and misinform, to inspire, scare, anger, divide and mislead us into the NWO trap that's being set.


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