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Defending Alex Jones

Here is an email challenging my latest article "Alex Jones is the Pied Piper".



To the editor [Grace Powers],

"In my opinion, you are barking up the wrong tree.....especially when the Democrats accuse anyone who disagrees with the Obamanite policies of racism and Stephen Spielberg makes a biography-picture about Abraham Lincoln.  They are the ones that want Civil War 2, so they will try to pretend the States Rights issue is about race this time too. It isn't!

It is about restoring Constitutional values and removing the encrustations of illegal debt and War by Executive Order, among other things.


I remember you [Grace Powers] complaining that Alex Jones never offered solutions, so now he offers a legal solution to dumping an illegal cabal that has warped and driven the US for over 100 years, and is excoriated for it.

Alex Jones laid out a constitutional plan to have the states secede, not to destroy the Union, but to reconstitute it because the federal government admits it is now run by foreign special interest powers and has been conquered.

Over his three hour show, he had constitutional lawyers, Lew Rockwell and others on who concurred with his analysis. We are going to Ron Paul to ask him to lead this movement at the states. We will soon have a transcript of Alex's constitutional battle plan."


Dear Alex Jones fan,

"I support the idea of a secession movement and resurrecting the constitution. I even support the idea of globalization, a world without borders, a world government and a world currency...if I could trust that the people behind it are compassionate, loving, caring, morally sane and have a heart and a benevolent vision for world peace.

The NWO mobsters have stolen all the money in the world to spend on think tanks and on the cleverest minds money can buy to mastermind their New World "order out of chaos" goals. Their 'protocols-of-zion' plan is to create enough chaos and division so that people will be willing to pay any NWO price for a return to stability.

I have been researching the banksters for more than a decade. It's no coincidence that Alex Jones is leading the revolutionary secession movement and that it will divide the masses and lead to civil war and chaos. The cabal plays both sides of the fence, infiltrates movements, finances revolutions and the leaders of revolutions. Activist superstar Alex Jones is their man. I know this not just from my research but "intuitively".


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