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Kate's Nurse Knew Too Much


December 11, 2012

Jacintha Saldanha, 46, is the nurse who was duped in the royal phone call scandal. She was found dead 3 days later.

Upon close examination, this whole story smells fishy. In fact, it stinks to high heavens!


There are many glaring questions that the news media is NOT candidly addressing:

  • How and why is Jacintha Saldanha presumed to have committed suicide?
  • How did she commit suicide?
  • Did she take an overdose or take poison?
  • Did she leave a note?
  • Had she discussed suicide with her colleagues?
  • How mentally stable was she?

We’d all desperately like to believe that this hard-working wife and mother of two, who commuted 140 miles to her day job, often working double shifts so that she could spend more time with her family — must have some deep, dark secret to hide. Then we could at least explain away her alleged suicide.

A former neighbor tells the Daily Mail that she lived next to Jacintha, her husband, Ben, and their children in the town of Bristol:


"Her and Ben were a lovely couple. They didn't live here very long, but they were such nice neighbours - they invited us in for a curry when they moved in. They lived here seven or eight years ago, if not more. They kept to themselves mostly. They bought their own house and moved on — they were just renting here I think."

From what we know, there is no sign that Jacintha Saldanha was suicidal, unstable or psychologically frail. According to those who knew Saldanha, she was described at work as “an excellent nurse, well-respected and popular with all of her colleagues.”

Did Jacintha Saldanha face a reprimand from the hospital where she worked? She was filling in for reception when she took the prank call. Did the hospital blame her for falling for a hoax in which two Australian DJs masquerading as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles managed to fool her into passing the phone call on to the Duchess’s private nurse, who then revealed details about the duchess’s condition? No. They didn't. The hospital says Saldanha was not suspended or disciplined for the prank-call incident.

Did the palace issue a complaint against nurse Jacintha Saldanha? A Royal spokesperson said that "At no point did the Palace complain to the hospital about the incident."

The news media wants us to believe that the nurse took her own life out of shame and embarassment for transfering the prank call. Jacintha Saldanha was a firm Catholic. Any Catholic who commits suicide does not pass go but goes straight to hell, as they have entered eternity with unconfessed sins. For a firm Catholic - burning in hell for all eternity would be far worse then feeling a shame for being fooled by a couple of pranksters.

There is much more to this story than they want us to know.


The papers report that Jacintha Saldaha's body was found in the nurses quarters (just blocks away from the hospital) three days after she had transferred the prank call.  It's not easy to commit suicide...so what method did she use? Did she hang herself, slash her wrists with a blunt penknife, take an overdose or put a gun in her mouth?  Was it even suicide?

The police responded to a call at 9:35 a.m. London time. Paramedics tried to revive the nurse but she was pronounced dead at the scene. The police and news media are calling it a "suspected" suicide...which means they don't really know if it was suicide. The death is still officially classified as "unexplained". If it wasn't suicide and can't be explained, what was it? Murder?


Why did Kate "really" need hospitalization? For a bad case of morning sickness? Not likely.

The Windsor royals are trillionaires. They have an army of servants for every need including "grooms of the stool" (ass wipers). The ageing queen and her ailing husband have round-the-clock medical staff and medical facilities at their massive estate. The Queen's medical staff would have been available to treat Kate's alleged morning sickness.

What was Kate's "real" medical emergency? Was it a suicide attempt? We know that William's mother, Diana, was thin and bulimic and made several suicide attempts. Was anorexic Kate admitted to hospital for the same reason - a suicide attempt? Or was Kate's hospital stay just another headline grabber?

Why would the royals create headline news stories? To keep their celebrity status and stay popular and interesting. By staying on the covers of glossy magazines at your local supermarket, they stay fixed in the public consciousness. It's all about paving the way for the planned public acceptance of Prince William as the New World Order King in 2015 when he turns masonic 33.


Kate and William were married on April 29th, 2011. They publicly stated their plans to start a family. With no pregnancy announcement a year and a half later, the public started questioning William's virility and Kate's fertility and the status of their intimate relationship.

Did the palace spin doctors decide to announce a (fake) pregnancy and create complications...so they could later announce a miscarriage? That would quiet the rumours about the virility of our King-to-be.

Did Jacintha Saldanha know too much? Did she learn that Kate wasn't pregnant? Did she need to be silenced?

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