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America's New Secretary Of Hate

January 10, 2013

John Forbes Kerry (JFK) is a fake.

* He is a German Jew pretending to be Irish Catholic

* His gandparents were German speaking Jews whose real surname is Kohn (Cohen)

* His grandfather was shot in the head in a hotel washroom

* He pretended not to know his German Jewish roots until 2003 in the face of evidence

* His "Forbes" ancestors were opium drug runners in China for the Rothschilds

* He is a member of Yale University's secret "Skull & Bones" Brotherhood Of Death


Kerry's paternal grandfather, Fritz Kohn, and his grandmother Ida Loewe were German speaking Jews from what is now the Czech Republic. Fritz Kohn changed his name in 1902 to Frederick Kerry and pretended to be an Irish Catholic by hiding his true German Jewish identity. He and his wife slithered into America under the assumed name of Kerry just like the Schiffs, Warbugs, Rothschilds and other German Jewish Zionist immigrants who plotted to hijack America and are now plotting to hijack the world.

For several years, Fritz worked as a Chicago (Jewish MAFIA?) business consultant. In 1915, Richard (the father of Senator Kerry) was born. By 1921, the Kerrys (Kohns) were wealthy enough to park a new Cadillac outside their home at 10 Downing Road in Brooklin.


On Nov. 23, 1921, Fritz walked into the washroom of Boston's Copley Plaza Hotel, pulled out a handgun, and shot himself (or was shot) in the head...allegedly over financial troubles. His financial troubles weren't that bad since the family had "big" money to send Richard to Yale University and Harvard Law School!

John Kerry's maternal grandfather, James Grant Forbes, was born in Shanghai, China, where the Forbes family amassed a fortune from the opium drug trade. Forbes married Margaret Tyndal Winthrop and that's how John Forbes Kerry (Kohn) is related to four Presidents, including, ironically, George W. Bush (ninth cousin, twice removed).


John Forbes Kerry's brother, Cameron Forbes Kerry, converted back to Judaism in 1983 and married an Orthodox Jewish woman. Cameron has campaigned in the Jewish community on behalf of his brother's run for the US Presidency.


In 2003, John Forbes Kerry (JFK) publicly announced that he had just made a startling genealogical discovery. "Yep, I'm Jewish," Kerry told the press. "I never would have thought it," he said. "Gee whiz."

For his entire life, John Kerry has pretended to be Irish and Catholic. It got him his U.S. Senator post and billions in donations from the pro-Zionist Jewish lobby who knew his Jewish ancestry.

Kerry married Teresa Heinz who is also Jewish. Heir to the billion dollar Heinz ketchup and foods dynasty, Teresa is active in Jewish and Israeli causes. She's chair of Hadassah, the national Jewish women's organization.

Both John Kerry and his millionaire wife Teresa Heinz (owner of Heinz Foods) are members of the powerful Israel advocacy group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). CFR president emeritus Leslie H. Gelb (Jewish) who admitted that he supported the Iraq war to further his career, said that John Kerry would like to jump into direct negotiation on Iran’s nuclear program.


John Forbes Kerry's deceptive facade was created and molded by the Illuminati overlords to deceive the masses....but the Illuminati has decided that it is time for many formerly hidden Jews to come out of the closet. A few years ago, Madeline Albright, Clinton's Secretary of State, surprisingly "discovered" she was a Czech Jew. General Wesley Clark, another Democrat, also made the same discovery recently. Clark now says his father's real name was "Kanne," Jewish. The US Congress and the Obama White house is dominated and run by politicians with Jewish names.

Israeli and American Jewish media is very excited about Barack Obama’s nomination of Sen. John Kerry (Jonah Kohn) as the next Secretary of Hate to replace Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton who is expected to retire early next month. Hillary Clinton is expected to claw her way to the presidency in 2016.


"The Tomb" is where Yale University members of Skull & Bones receive their initiations and take their oaths to the secretive senior society. This secret organization, which is Chapter Two of The Brotherhood of Death, was subsidized with money provided, in part, by the Forbes family from their Chinese opium trading profits.

In May, 1966, John Kerry (Jonah Kohn) lay nude in a coffin and bowed before the throne as fellow bonesmen, in strange garb and mouthing mysterious epithets, gathered about him. As a result of that satanic ritual, he became a "blood brother" to George W. Bush and to some 800 other bonesmen alumni.

These 800 men now hold positions of controlling power and influence in the fields of politics, banking, finance, and education.

9/11 - LYING SOB

Watch John Kerry Squirm!

Building 7 of the World Trade center was an obvious "controlled demolition" on 9/11 which John Kerry and owner Larry Silverstein admit to on record - but which both of them later "deny".

It takes weeks to prepare a building for a controlled demolition. Building 7 of the World Trade Center had to be prepped weeks in advance of 9/11. There's only one reason why it was prepped for demolition on 9/11. Because the attacks on 9/11 were a planned inside job.


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