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Armstrong Confession Sucks

January 16, 2013

Lance Armstrong must have studied acting at the same school as Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama and the US Congress.

Armstrong is the guy who berated, threatened, intimidated and screamed at anyone who dared to suggest he is anything but an honest, moral, law abiding citizen. His highly-aggressive lawyers successfully sued people and organizations who knew otherwise.


Like Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong has now gone public and admitted that he is a conscienceless sociopathic liar. He has confessed to lying about using illegal, banned substances to win his cycling races and he has confessed to suing his accusers. During a carefully crafted Oprah Winfrey interview, Armstrong admitted to doping with EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions during ALL of his Tour de France races.

And now, after a decade of deceptive denial and blatant lies, Lance is ready to rat on his fellow cyclists about their doping habits. “He is also talking to authorities about confessing and naming names, giving up others involved in illegal doping,” says ABC News.

How SOCIOPATHIC does this get? The guy who swore he never doped — and lied to the world year after year, race after race — is now going to point the finger at other cyclists and say “THEY doped, TOO!!!?”

Anyone who falls for this guy’s grand finale manipulation — the staged Oprah apology — has no clue about the depth of how deceptive and truly evil this devious manipulator really is. Armstrong represents everything that’s wrong with society today. He lied his way to the top. He collected hundreds of millions of dollars by cheating. He bullied and threatened anyone who got in his way, and now he stages a public relations “confession” on Oprah.

NIKE AD - “What am I on? I’m on my bike!”

“What am I on? I’m on my bike!” That was the famous line from one of Lance Armstrong’s televised Nike ads. It was a lie, of course. Armstrong was really on illegal substances that he conspired to have internationally smuggled so that they could be needled into his veins before the Tour de France races.

Junkie Lance Armstrong's entire cancer organization appears to be a front group to provide moral cover for his deceptions. He was a a paid spokesperson for one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world.


In admitting that he repeatedly doped, Lance Armstrong has simultaneously admitted he is a FRAUD who bullied whistleblowers and destroyed the credibility of people who were right all along about his cheating and betrayals. Armstrong broke all kinds of laws and regulations — yet he isn't being arrested or prosecuted for his crimes. The crimes are being reduced to the category of "bully".

“I was a bully” Armstrong now says. And when Winfrey asked him if he sued one particular whistleblower who tried to go public with Armstrong’s criminal doping behavior, Armstrong’s answer was, “To be honest, we sued so many people.” Yeah, as in too many victims to even count or remember. The list of Armstrong’s victims is apparently longer than the needle tracks on his arms.


Armstrong has calculated that by confessing, he can salvage his image and benefit. Schwarzenegger confessed and was forgiven for piggishly impregnating a live-in housekeeper at the same time he impregnated his wife...and guess what? He's making blockbuster movies again and people are paying to see them. President Clinton used the oval office to have sex with a young intern and cheat on his wife. He confessed and is now getting standing ovations.

Following the Clinton- Schwarzenegger example, Lance Armstrong's confession is a calculated move to salvage his image so he can avoid going down in history as cycling’s most insidious, sociopathic liar.

Armstrong-Clinton-Schwarzenegger are but a few examples of everything that’s wrong with society today. They lied their way to the top, collected hundreds of millions of dollars by cheating, bullying and threatening anyone who got in their way. Then they staged a TV public relations confession to win public sympathy and understanding for their bravery in owning up to their conscienceless behaviour. None of these sociopaths have ever done anything that didn’t somehow benefit them.

Does Armstrong have any remorse about destroying the careers of his whistleblowing colleagues, about lying to corporate sponsors, about betraying his fans as he paraded around like a humanitarian hero?


It was an interview designed to resurrect Oprah's image and popularity after a long drought of poor ratings and to resurrect Lance Armstrong's wrecked image.

Armstrong is part of a class of manipulative, overpaid lying sleazy MFrs who think they run our world. You find them in politics, in banking, in the media and in the world of corporate medicine. Armstrong is the kind of person who thinks he can win by cheating — a person who doesn’t mind how many other people he has to hurt, threaten, lie to or betray to get to the top!

Now Armstrong is facing potential sponsor claw backs in the high millions but with Orah's help, he thinks he can resurrect his image. The carefully chosen celebrity interview on Oprah avoids a real news conference in which he’d face real journalists and real cycling experts asking the tough questions. It was a popularity win-win interview both for Armstrong and Oprah. Imagine the millions Armstrong will earn from book deals and movie rights!

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