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Swearing Over Obama Swearing In

January 21, 2013

How many people are cursing and swearing over Obama's swearing-in Inauguration ceremony which is really a swearing-in "Imgodofyournation" ceremony?

What is going on inside the heads of the sea of people who are cheering for this Kenyan born DICTATOR who signed the NDAA suspending ALL of their human rights?

Who are these worshippers? They are the deceived, dumbed down and bedazzled masses who are swept away by the pageantry, Beyonce, the trumpets, the limos, the lies and the smiling faces of the self serving power elite who could give a rats ass about them.

Everything that was done in Hitler's Germany has now been "legalized" by Obama in America.

By signing the NDAA ( National Defense Authorization Act), Obama extended the right to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial.

The NDAA has legalized the militarization of law enforcement. It suspends "ALL" human rights that have been guaranteed by the Bill Of Rights and the US constitution. Obama's use of executive power has all but killed Americans’ civil liberties.

Under the NDRP Executive Order, (National Defense Resources Preparedness), the government can confiscate your food, livestock, fertilizer, farm equipment, all forms of energy, water resources, all forms of civil transporation (meaning your vehicles, boats), and anything else that will no longer belong to you -  as deemed  necessary. What does "necessary " mean? They decide.

These new  Executive Orders can take "preparing for war" action even before there is a war! The government can legally take (steal) whatever they need from you, print money to get whatever they want and distribute it as they see fit....for the "war effort" even without a war!

Many evangelical Christians believe that Obama is the antichrist. By the end of his second term, the rest of the world may believe it, too! In 2008, American voters  swooned and shouted  "yes we can" chants. In 2012, they swooned again with "forward" chants. Did they forget his  "yes I  did"  record?


  • yes I did - approve trillions in bankster bailouts
  • yes I did - put lobbyists in top jobs at the White House
  • yes I did - allow airport xraying and groping of women, children and seniors
  • yes I did - allow  unemployment to surge sky high
  • yes I did - allow massive bank foreclosures on people's homes
  • yes I did - keep  Guantamo open and allow torture to continue
  • yes I did - support Israel's Palestinian  holocaust
  • yes I did - expand  a murderous international  drone war of  terror
  • yes I did - continue bombing and  robbing  the  people of Iraq
  • yes I did - continue bombing and  robbing  the people of Aghanistan
  • yes I did - illegally bomb Libya without the consent of Congress
  • yes I did - COVERTLY bomb Syria
  • yes I did - impose crippling sanctions on  the people of Iran 
  • yes I did - accept the Nobel Peace Prize
  • yes I did - sign the NDAA and turn America into a police state
  • yes I did - create a  socialist healthcare/RFID program
  • yes I did - fake the capture and killing of Bin Laden
  • yes I did - create a kill list
  • Yes I did - plunge the global financial markets
  • yes I did - fake green energy programs like Solyndra


In the classic 1962 movie thriller, "The Manchurian Candidate," a man is programmed by communist handlers with a false history and then planted into a position of great influence after he emerges into the public arena as a hero.

Behind the friendly waves, gleaming smile, disarming charm and teleprompter speeches, nobody really knows who the hell the President Of The United States really is!

NO ONE has ever come forward from Obama's past to say they knew him, attended school with him or was even his friend. NO ONE! Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but no one remembered him. Obama refuses to allow Colombia to release his records and refuses to talk about his years at Columbia or names of any former classmates or friends. Why? Because he was never there!

The question of Barack Obama's birth remains an open question. After years of resistance, Obama (alias Barry Soetoro), finally produced a certificate of live birth...but a Certificate of Live Birth is NOT a Birth Certificate!


How did Obama get re-elected for a second term?  By faking the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.  The fake news story was carefully timed so that it wouldn't conflict with the William & Kate royal wedding of the century. It was timed to occur right after the wedding.

The hyped fairytale that the bankster controlled media told the public is that Pakistan had been harboring America’s most hated enemy in a luxurious mansion for six years - without anyone even noticing. Audiences were told that the tall, gangly, bearded, evil mastermind (allegedly) behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks was casually cozying up on the couch in a suburban Pakistani mansion playing Xbox and surfing internet porn for 6 years. They showed a simulated raid, capture and killing and told the public that Bin Laden's body was immediately buried at sea. The most hated and vilified man in the world was dumped in the ocean? No studying the body or taking DNA samples, photos or videos of the carcass to prove it?

Why did they stage it? Why not keep their scapegoat alive? Because the staged Bin Laden raid and killing was necessary to give America a false sense of closure AND to get Obama re-elected.


Obama is clearly NOT a man of peace. He's a "piece of work"!

After accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama fought and financed three simultaneous wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and he is now covertly financing a fourth war in Syria.

In the Americas, Obama still blockades Cuba, threatens Venezuela, & funds the longest and bloodiest war in South America since the Genocide of Native Americans in Colombia. He has continued each and every one that he imherited from his predecessors. More than a million Colombians are displaced by the war and hundreds of thousands have died.

Obama continues to ignore Israeli nukes and acts acts as banker, diplomatic cover, and arms supplier for Israel's brutal sixty year occupation and theft of Palestine. Despite being in violation of more UN resolutions than any nation on earth, Israel is the top recipient of US economic and military aid. The Obama administration has even blocked the investigation of Israeli war crimes in its military assault against the nearly helpless civilian Palestinian population of Gaza last year.

In Africa, Obama is funnelling billions in taxpayer money into military expansion across the Continent. America's first Black President is responsible for the neo-colonial oppression  of blacks that has cost millions of lives and will injure millions more to come.


Who are Obama's owners? The same cabal who own Romney and the Congress. Barack Obama is a wholly owned puppet of Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission which was founded by the Rockefeller illuminati crime family in 1973. Brzezinski and Kissinger serve as Obama’s national security and foreign policy advisors. They are his "ventriloquists and chief gurus".

Obama's policy is and will continue to be savage austerity, brutal economic sacrifice, and reduction in the american standard of living. The puppeteers of Obama's savage austerity program are the zionist banksters. One method for advancing the global agenda is "double talk" - saying one thing and doing another. Barack Obama eloquently and convincingly speaks "double talk".

If the next four years is an escalation of the insanity of the first four years - fasten your seat belts!

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