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Pistorius Doesn't Have A Leg To Stand On

February 22, 2013

Legless NIKE Olympian ,"Oscar" Pistorius, should win an Oscar for his "I'm innocent" performance. Pissed-torius got pissed at his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on Valentine's day and filled her full of holes in a locked bathroom in his luxury mansion. Four holes to be exact.

His explanation? He thought there was an intruder in his bathroom.

When Oscar's bail restrictions got eased, he began crying softly.


If the "mistaken for an intruder" defense doesn't work, lawyers can consider the police theory that Oscar Pistorius may have shot his girlfriend in a fit of so-called 'steroid rage' - an explosion of aggression caused by performance-boosting steroids.

South African Police told a local paper that the steroid rage was one line of enquiry and that the star's blood was being tested for drugs. They believe Pistorius may have beaten his girlfriend with a cricket bat before shooting her. Detectives are reported to have recovered a bloodied bat from the Paralympic champion’s bedroom and to have established that model Reeva Steenkamp’s skull had been ‘crushed’.

This and other evidence – a smashed bathroom door, a 9mm pistol, the peculiar pattern of wounds on the body and reports of a row earlier in the evening – is said to have led detectives to believe the murder case against the legless sprinter is ‘rock solid’.


Hilton Botha, the lead investigator in the case, conceded that he had walked through the crime scene without protective shoe covers - possibly contaminating the area. He also conceded that police had left a 9 mm slug in the toilet where Oscar's girlfriend died and that they had lost track of illegal ammunition found in the home.

During his confused court testimony, Botha misjudged distances and said testosterone (banned for professional athletes in some cases) was found at the scene, only to be later contradicted by the prosecutor's office.

CBS News reports that the case against Pistorius has been seriously weakened by police blunders that Botha has admitted to. Has Botha been BOT?


Botha, the police investigator in the case against Oscar Pistorius, has just been charged with murder! How convenient! Prosecutors have just reinstated attempted murder charges against him in the latest smelly twist.

Botha faces reinstated charges over a 2011 shooting incident. The charges came ONE DAY after he testified for the prosecution in Pistorius' bail hearing and (intentionally?) bungled his appearance. He acknowledged that nothing in Pistorius' account of shooting contradicted what police had discovered. What???

Bulewa Makeke, spokeswoman for South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority, acknowledged Thursday that the timing of the attempted murder charges against Botha is "totally weird" but she said Botha should be dropped from the case against the world-famous athlete.


Is "just do it" Nike giving their legless runner a leg to stand on?

Nike suspended its contract with the Paralympic champion BUT said in a brief statement: "We believe Oscar Pistorius should be afforded due process and we will continue to monitor (FIX) the situation closely."

Oscar's slain girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, was a 29-year-old blonde model, law graduate and reality TV contestant.

The public is outraged over the 'sick' Reeva Steenkamp reality TV show that bosses are accused of cashing in on. They are exploiting her tragic, widely publicized death by broadcasting her 'exit' interview.

It was reported that the television network was charging news outlets up to $3,000 for short clips of the show.

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