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Why Is North Korea Threatening To Nuke The USA?

North Korea has vowed to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States and destroy "the strongholds of the aggressors". Why? Because they say Washington is pushing to start a nuclear war against the North.

China is North Korea's most important ally, biggest trading partner, and main source of food, arms, and fuel. China has helped sustain Kim Jong-un's regime, and has historically opposed harsh international economic sanctions against North Korea.

It is an established fact that North Korea has nuclear weapons with nuclear warhead capability. By the year 2015, it will have enough nuclear fuel to build 48 nuclear weapons, reports The Telegraph (UK)


A prominent South Korean news agency is reporting that North Korea is only one week away from having a long-range rocket capable of reaching California.

North Korea's rockets don't need to hit California, they only need to burst in the upper atmosphere to destroy America. What many people do not realize about nuclear weapons is that America’s greatest vulnerability is not from nuclear weapons striking cities, but rather from a single nuclear weapon setting off a high-altitude EMP burst somewhere above North America.

Such a burst would ripple down through the magnetosphere, multiplying its effective voltage, then fry nearly all transformers along the power grid<, thrusting America into a worst-case “grid down” scenario that could last months or years. It may also cause nuclear power plants to face the very real possibility of fuel rod meltdowns.

During the recent Superstorm Sandy that struck the american Northeast, the power grid went down. Gas stations couldn't pump fuel. Looting became rampant. Sanitation vanished. Heating and cooling was no longer available. Before long, the population became desperate.

A North Korean EMP strike would instantly turn much of America into a third-world nation with no electricity, running water or functioning infrastructure. It's doomsday weapon would deactivate all electronics communication.

While North Korean rockets may not yet be capable of reaching the central United States, they don’t have to: A high-altitude burst above California could destroy the power grid all the way to Missouri.

The Unknown Truth About Korea: U.S. Sanctioned Death Squads and War Crimes, 1945-1953

The mostly unknown record of the brutal U.S. occupation and subsequent control of Korea following the Japanese defeat in August 1945, and the voluminous number of war crimes committed between 1950 and 1953, have been systematically hidden under mountains of accusations directed almost solely against the "red menace" of northern Korea.

The Korean War itself grew out of U.S. refusal to allow a genuine self-determination process to take root. The Korean people were exuberant in August 1945 with their new freedom after being subjected to a brutal 40-year Japanese occupation of their historically undivided Peninsula. They immediately began creating local democratic peoples’ committees the day after Japan announced on August 14 its intentions to surrender. By August 28, all Korean provinces had created local peoples’ offices and on September 6 delegates from throughout the Peninsula gathered in Seoul, at which time they created the Korean People’s Republic (KPR).

Learn the truth about America's role in the Korean War.


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