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America's Weapons In Space

In 2000, the United Nations General Assembly voted on a “Prevention of Outer Space Arms Race” resolution. It was adopted by a unanimous vote BUT there were two abstentions. Guess who??? Israel and the USA. See the details from U.N. press release

US Space Weapon Is Now Circling the Globe

The US space weapon X-37 is now circling the globe in relative secrecy. It is an unmanned space plane that looks like a smaller version of the Space Shuttle and was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on April 22, 2010.

This new weapon poses a massive threat to global peace and is provoking an arms race in space.


The V2 Rocket was the first weapon in space. It was designed by Nazi scientist Wernher Von Braun and was fired at London in 1944.

"Operation Paper Clip" secretly brought Von Braun and his team of Nazi engineers to America after WWII. They were given US citizenship and helped the US develop ballistic missiles.

Von Braun became the director of NASA and launched America's first satellite into space.

Space Based Arms Race

The European Union, Canada, China, and Russia warned that “just as the unleashing of nuclear weapons had unforeseen consequences, so, too, will the weaponization of space.”

In response to Bush’s development of weapons programs in space, Russia responded by sharply increasing its own capacities. China is also likely to expand its offensive capacities if the US continues its programs of weaponizing space.

In 2004, the United States accounted for 95 percent of total global military space expenditures. India and Israel are both discussing anti-satellite weapons. Others will follow. Behind America's “defensive” rhetoric are the intentions to dominate, to rule and to conquer. The main purpose of these space missile programs is the ability to target other satellites. They can destroy any satellite in orbit.

Space has become the new frontier used to protect and advance US commercial interests.The US government is not only trying to control space, but to dominate it and not allow other countries access to it.


The Pentagon has said that moving the arms race to space will be the most lucrative endeavor in history. The USA already owns 49.9 percent of the satellites orbiting the earth, compared to Russia, who has the second most at 9 percent. During “Shock and Awe”, 71 percent of the missiles and bombs dropped in Iraq were controlled by satellites.


America's weapons industry is booming and it is subsidized by YOU, the tax-payer. Out of every tax dollar, 50 cents is going to the Department of (Offense) Defense, which is handing out contracts to build lethal weapons that kill and destroy. 

Huge weapons corporations like Sparta, SI International, AeroSpace Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman are receiving hundreds of billions from the US taxpayers to make killer weapons.

US propoganda has made China the new threat. The truth is - China is leading efforts in the United Nations to preserve space for peaceful purposes. Their anti-satellite test in 2006 was showing the US that it did not have the authority to dominate space. Chinese officials said that “they don’t want the earth to be surrounded by weapons,” and warned the world of the USA’s aspirations for space dominance.

The US space weapons programs allow the US to hit any target on the planet within minutes. President Barack Obama promised during his campaign in 2008 that he would not weaponize space and that he would seek to ban weapons intended to interfere with satellites. Another broken promise. In his first year in office, he approved over $2 billion for the space-weapons program and has vetoed the revision of the treaty to ban on space-based weapons.


Space debris accumulates every time the USA launches weapons and satellites etc into space that orbit the earth at a speed of 14,000 mph. Certain orbits are already not even possible because of this man-made debris.

There is no way to clean it up. If we continue launching and blowing up satellites, putting weapons into space, it will threaten the peaceful satellites that are so critical to our society. Over $700 billion has been spent for peaceful means alone in space, such as weather systems and GPS, but all of this is in jeopardy if we keep putting more debris in space.


In 2004, NASA handed over the unmanned space weapon X-37 to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the Phantom Works at Boeing, the major aerospace player racing to develop space weapons and missile defense systems using millions of taxpayer dollars.

The most classified descendent of the X-37 is the spy-plane Aurora, which is manned. Conspiracy theorists believe the "black aircraft" - researched under the Pentagon's black or secret budget - has been tearing through the skies since the 1970s.


In 1989, while working out on the North Sea, engineer Chris Gibson said he witnessed a strange triangular-shaped craft accompanied by a pair of F-111 bombers. Indeed, a similar craft has been glimpsed several times streaking over the North Pole. Satellite imagery has also captured a single, high-altitude contrail stretching from Area 51 to deep into the Atlantic. 

The Obama administration's future plans for exotic space weapons are cloaked in secrecy. Bruce Gagnon, director of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, says President Obama is perceived as a typical Harry Houdini-like president.

"I call Obama the magician, you have to watch both his hands to understand what he is doing... Obama is doing virtually nothing to reverse the militarization, weaponization, and nuclearization of space." 

The Air Force's shadowy mini-Space Shuttle, the X-37B, spent over a year traveling around our planet. What was it doing? Speculation ranges from space-based nuke launches to satellite destruction.

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