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Are Today's Movies Practice Drills For Real Events?

In their lust for world domination, the ruling elite follow no rules - except one. They have a need to tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it.

The Hollywood-Military Complex uses the big screen to tell us our future. Since blockbuster movies take at least three years to produce - the writer-producers must have advance knowledge of future events - otherwise, how would they be able to include scenes in their movies about 9/11 and the Aurora and Sandy Hook massacres? Coincidences? There can't be that many!

In "The Lone Gunmen" pilot episode, the U.S. government remotely hi-jacks an airliner and tries to fly it into the World Trade Center to justify their never-ending wars. The movie's star, Dean Haglund, said, “Part of the plot, as it said in the script was that this event would be used to start an international war on terror.” Haglund also confirmed that government officials regularly attend Hollywood parties and submit ideas to be planted in film and TV scripts.

The latest 2013 movie "Olympus Has Fallen" is a blatant example of predictive programming.

The entire film is set in the present. What is really odd is that, in REALITY - the South Korean delegation is set to visit the White House in May of 2013. South Korea’s new president Park Geun-Hye will visit Washington for talks.

The REAL news was printed in the Asia and New York Times on March 12th, 2013.


"Olympus Has Fallen" shows the US President and the South Korean delegates being escorted into a bunker. We soon learn that the entire White House has been destroyed and that the President and the delegates have been led into a trap. One of the escorts turns out to be a Korean terrorist.

Back to reality - North Korea is now threatening to nuke the USA and is positioning its warheads. This REAL North Korea turmoil is the backdrop for the "Olympus Has Fallen" movie which was released on March 22nd, 2013. The movie is eerily ringing true even though the script is two years old.

How could the producers release a movie about a South Korean delegation arriving at the White House at the same time as 'REAL' nuclear threats and a 'REAL' visit to the White House by a South Korean delegation is happening? How could the movie script call for a female Secret Service director (Angela Bassett) when in REALITY, Barack Obama just announced that the 'REAL' Julia Pierson had been tapped to be the head of the Secret Service?

How could so many movies become so synchronistic without advance knowledge of planned events?

Another film slated for summer release is ‘White House Down‘ which has virtually the same plot as "Olympus Has Fallen".


Most Americans are not aware that Hollywood and the military are an allied propaganda machine. The US government knows that if their wars-for-profit don't have the support of the people, the wars can't be won.

The movie "Argo" demonized Iran to win public support for a 'PLANNED' war. "Olympus Has Fallen" demonizes North Korea to win support for a 'PLANNED' war.


NBC/CNBC/MSNBC are owned by General Electric which is a major defense (offense) contractor. Meanwhile, the video game industry, which exceeds Hollywood in profits, has been a major output of militarized culture, with some games serving as recruitment tools. Video games themselves are being used for REAL war games using remote drone strikes on populations.

Avi Lerner is the executive producer of the latest "predictive programming" movie, "Olympus Has Fallen". Lerner was born in Israel in 1947, joined the Israeli army in 1966 and served in the Six-Day GENOCIDAL War that slaughtered the Palestinians and confiscated their homeland. Lerner is a jewish ZIONIST who also served in the 1973 Yom Kippur War as a reservist.

The "Olympus Has Fallen" script was written by Zionist Creighton Rothenberger. The production company Millennium Films competed with Sony Pictures, who was producing White House Down which is also about a propaganda film about the takeover of the White House.


In Avi Lerner's "Olympus Has Fallen", the Korean terrorists want to know the codes for a missile system known as Cerberus. Where have we heard the name CEREBUS before?

In REALITY – Cerberus is a United States company that is connected to General Electric as well to the US military and to a gun dealer called Freedom Group. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management said that it would sell its 95% stake in Freedom Group Inc., which makes the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle. That's the famous rifle that the police said the accused killer, Adam Lanza, used in the Sandy Hook school massacre.

Who worked as a tax lawyer and director for General Electric and Cerberus? Peter Lanza, the father of accused killer, Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook shootings.

General Electric paid ZERO $$$$$ in Federal income taxes on $14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. GE Capital is the unit overseen by Peter Lanza. Three of the employees were sentenced to time in prison on October 18th, 2012, for their involvement in the Libor interest- rate-fixing scandal. Cerberus is owned by Zionist billionaire financier Stephen A. Feinberg. His father, Martin Feinberg, lives in Newtown, Connecticut.



Watch this short children's movie trailer which contains scary asteroids, UFO's, crop circles and the message that "the sky is falling"!

There is a sinister agenda designed to shape our beliefs and perception of reality.

When we go to movies like ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ or ‘White House Down’ - are we really watching intelligence practice drills for false flag attacks that have been constructed like a blue print model for planned disasters?


The ruling crime families understand how reality operates, how we interact with it and how we create it. They control science, education and the media which manipulate us into understanding the self serving reality they want us to perceive.

“To understand the nature of reality is to understand the world. What we live in is not a flesh and blood reality but an illusory reality", says David Icke. "We’re living in the equivalent of a virtual reality computer program and we are being fed artificial information into the decoding sectors of the brain where we decode this fake reality.”


If we get caught up in hating our manipulators and oppressors, if we get caught in physically, violently fighting them, then we are playing into their game. They feed off human emotional energy of violence and fear and terror. What we need to do is NOT fight them and NOT get pulled into their stadium.

Our awakening transformation must be outside of their stadium, outside the perception of reality that they are imposing. They are bombarding us with movies that sell us the belief that the end is near and that disasters, war and destruction are our fate. They have us believing that it’s a done deal and it’s gonna happen.

As we expose their subliminal and predictive messages and as more people learn the true nature behind their use, the symbols lose their spiritual impact and their intended effects disappear.

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