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Margaret Thatcher Is dead. Will She Burn In Hell?


Margaret Thatcher saved Britain. She was a great and fearless warrior. She was a visionary and a giant among world leaders.


Here is the true legacy of the most pitiless, inhumane, greedy, venal and megalomaniacal creature ever to cross the threshold of 10 Downing Street.

1. Margaret Thatcher engineered the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in UK history.
2. She dismantled entire industries and the communities that relied on the government.
3. She institutionalised corruption by privatising the nation’s utilities to enrich her comrades in the City of London.
4. Her war-mongering in the Falklands was for the sole purpose of conning a politically backward electorate into securing for her a further term in office.
5. Thatcher's draconian and repressive employment legislation, the Poll Tax, the riots, the poverty, the record unemployment caused more small businesses to crumble than at any period prior to her rule. She succeeded in rendering the workers powerless.
6. She defended and befriended General Pinochet - the Chilean mass-murdering dictator
7. She was close friends with paedophile ring leader Jimmy Saville who pimped young boys to Thatcher's aide, Sir Peter Morrison.
8. She dismantled the National Health Service (NHS)


Among the filthy rich that she befriended and honored were paedophile ring leader, Jimmy Savile. Sir Jimmy spent 11 consecutive New Year's Eves with Thatcher and shared intimate correspondence with her.

Sir "Jimmy" Savile was a media personality who hosted the BBC television show Jim'll Fix It. Jimmy fixed it alright! He fixed up a leading member of the Thatcher government with kids to play with. Paedophile Sir Peter Morrison, now deceased, served at the heart of Margaret Thatcher's government in the 1980s and was one of her closest allies. An inquiry discovered up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused during Thatcher's reign...but the reports were all swept under the rug.

At a dramatic Scotland Yard press conference, the staggering scale of the Jim’ll Fix It reign of terror earned Sir Jimmy the reputation as one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders. Four hundred criminal investigations (and counting) into pimping kids for the elite, child sexual abuse, rape and necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) have been launched by Scotland Yard covering over six decades.

Sir Jimmy helped mastermind a vast network of child sexual abuse across the United Kingdom for decades, implicating major figures in the BBC, Parliament, the Prime Ministerial and Royal Family levels of UK society.

Paedophile Jimmy Savile's private letters to Mrs Thatcher have been CENSORED. File evidence was recently edited AFTER the child sexual abuse claims surfaced.

A letter from Jimmy Savile to the former PM was released under a 30-year rule. In it, he declares his love for her and refers to his jealous 'girl patients'.

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