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Tired Of Toxic Chemtrails Overhead? Do Something!

April 12, 2013

Here in Vancouver, Canada, we are tired of watching our skies being scarred by toxic plumes of barium and aluminum that trail and drip behind military jets.

We are tired of the denial and inaction by our government...so we are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

We recommend that you do the same in your area so we can share the true FACTS.

Here's what we are doing...scientifically.


We are a concerned citizen's group that is "scientifically" testing rainwater which we are collecting from rainfall immediately following intense chemtrail spraying of Vancouver's skies. 


We have engaged the services of one of the world’s largest and most diversified analytical testing laboratories with sites around the globe.

The laboratory requires a 250ml (1 cup) rainwater sample in order to conduct an ICP scan and test for barium, aluminum, strontium and other elements at a cost of $78.75. 


Five Volunteer Rainwater Collectors
Two Volunteer Weather & Chemtrail Reporters
Two Volunteer Project Coordinators


Five citizens from different city districts will volunteer as Rainwater Collectors. They will EACH collect a TOTAL of 60 ml of rainwater.

Each volunteer Collector will be supplied with six laboratory jars. All six  jars will be grouped together to catch maximum rainfall.

Once the rainwater level in each of the 6 jars reaches 10 ml, the Rainwater Collector will POUR  all of the collected rainwater from their 6 laboratory jars into ONE of the jars to create a 60 ml rainwater sample from their area.

Each Collector volunteer will record the times and dates of the collection from start to finish. (Approximately 2 or 3 days).


The Chemtrail Reporter volunteer will monitor, identify, and photograph air traffic and chemtrail activity just prior to and during the rainwater collection period and keep a record of dates and times.

The Weather Reporter volunteer will follow weather reports and confer with the Chemtrail Reporter. They will advise the Volunteer Project Coordinators about the best start date for rainwater collection.


The Volunteer Project Coordinators will contact all five Volunteer Rainwater Collectors with a start date and time based on the observations and recommendations of the Skywatch Reporters of chemtrail activity and expected rainfall from weather reports.

At the end of the sampling period, the Project Coordinators will collect the five 60 ml rainwater samples provided by the five Rainwater Collectors

The Project Coordinators will pour all of the 60 ml rain water samples into one 250ml jar and add a nitric acid preservative supplied by the laboratory. Combining the samples provides a "general" sample of city rain water.

The Project Coordinators will contact our Government's Environment Agency for documentation of "acceptable" rainfall levels of barium, aluminum and strontium. The Laboratory test results will then be compared to "acceptable" government levels and standards.

The Project Coordinators will publish and share the facts of their findings. If the levels prove to be toxic and dangerous to human health, we will have hard evidence that can't be denied.

Watch for the results which will be published on this website!

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