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Boston Marathon's Smoking Gun

March 18, 2013

The smoking gun in the Boston Marathon puzzle is the lid and circuit board from the pressure cooker bomb. The lid and circuit board were found on the rooftop of a neighbouring building. How did the lid and circuit board get there?

We are supposed to believe that they flew way up like a missile and catapulted themselves there.

A more likely explanation is that the crime scene was staged and the lid and circuitboard evidence were planted there so they could be found.

A photo of the mangled pressure cooker, posted by press outlets all over the world, shows the pressure-cooker plug and, near it, one small round hole, machined apparently by the manufacturer.  But...no other small holes!  There should be dozens or hundreds of holes from the shrapnel.

We are told that the Marathon bombs were placed inside pressure cookers and packed with nails and ball bearings.  If that were true, the explosions would have created many, many small holes as the inserted shrapnel flew through the cooker and out in every direction. In the official press photo, there are no such holes. How is that possible?

Who could have planted the lid and circuit board evidence on the building rooftop? Roof spotters who were positioned there before the race even began.

University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, Ali Stevenson, said he saw law enforcement spotters on the roofs at the start of the race. He’s been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., Chicago, London and other major metropolitan areas but has never seen that level of security before.

The local bomb squad was also running a “controlled explosion drill” simultanously only one mile away from the attack at the JFK Library.

As an eyewitness reports, once the bombs went off, officials began announcing, “this is just a drill!” This logically means they were all informed of the “bomb drill” beforehand. Otherwise, why would they respond with, “this is just a drill”?

Another indication that the crime scene was staged is the tempered plate glass windows that were laying on the sidewalk in front of the building where the explosion reportedly occured. If the blast originated outside the building instead of inside the building, then why was the glass from the window blown out instead of blown in?


The propaganda press is actively demonizing the right. CNN pointed to only two possible culprits for the bombings: al-Qaeda or “right-wing extremists.”

Wolf Blitzer, who has served at CNN for some 22 years and has an even longer history serving Zionism, implied that the dirty deed was tied to “Patriot’s Day”, a state holiday in Massachusetts that celebrates the first battles of the American Revolution. Blitzer implied that anti-government patriots were behind the bombings. The Tea Party Revolt occurred in Boston, right?


ABC reports, “Massachusetts National Guard increases troops in Boston from 460, at the time of the Marathon, to 1,000.” The big question is - why were there 460 troops initially in the city for the race?

The Boston Herald reports “Copley Square under lockdown, the Common converted into a National Guard staging area and a flood of law enforcement officials patrolling Boston.” It also reported the National Guard has secured a 15-block area.

Bay News is reporting that a no-fly zone has been established for an indefinite period of time, bridges have been closed and the Coast Guard has increased patrols in Boston Harbor.

And perhaps most concerning is that Gov. Patrick announced “that commuters should expect random bag checks.”How long are these “random” checks going to last? How do authorities decide who to “randomly” search? Everyone who just happens to be in Boston is a suspect.

If we assume authorities are searching for bombing evidence, then what happens if they search somebody and discover lots of cash or narcotics or a gun? Can the individual be arrested? Isn’t that an illegal search?

If you shut the bridges down, or even severely limit traffic flow with check-points, what you have is locked-down city—not just a 15 block area.

Three deaths from the bombings and now there is a no fly zone, the National Guard is in the streets and the Coast Guard is in the harbor. And you can bet the FBI and DHS has a strong presence in the city, too. All this in just 24 hours?

Is it too early to call this undeclared martial law? If so, what else needs to happen before we do? Curfews?

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