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Spielberg-Obama Joke Is On Us

April 29, 2013

If this sounds like a joke, it actually ISN'T. So, before you start splitting a gut and rolling in the aisles, listen up.

Saturday evening, the White House youtube channel posted a video made for the White House Correspondents Dinner featuring Zionist propaganda wizard, Steven Spielberg, and method ACTOR Barack Obama.

Barack Obama pretended to be Daniel Day Lewis playing the US President in a new Spielberg movie called "Obama". The "Obama" movie spoof pretends to be a follow up to Spielberg's $$$$$$ “Lincoln” movie.



The funny thing is - Obama isn't really pretending to be an actor playing himself...and the spoof isn't really a spoof at all. The joke is on us. The power elite are telling us the truth about themselves and we're laughing because we think they're joking. That's what they find so damn funny! Us! They're laughing at us laughing.

Spielberg plays himself in this non-spoof. He says, “As I was thinking about what to do next, in the middle of the night I woke up and it hit me — Obama. I mean the guy’s already a lame duck, so why wait?”

In case you haven't noticed, Hollywood writes and casts the news from 9/11 to Aurora to Sandy Hook to Boston...and there's more where that came from.

In the non-spoof, here's what Spielberg had to say;

“I needed someone who could dive in and really become Barack Obama,” said Spielberg who wanted someone who "becomes his characters.”

Spielberg praised how Obama gets into character and really takes on the persona of Barack Obama.

In the non-spoof, Obama who is acting the role of President asks himself,

“Was it hard playing Obama? I’ll be honest and say that it was…The cosmetics were challenging…The hardest part? Trying to understand his motivations. Why did he pursue health care first? What makes him tick? Why doesn’t he get mad? If I were him, I would be mad all the time."

“The cosmetics were challenging. I mean, you wouldn’t believe how long it takes to put these ears on in the morning. I don’t know how he walks around with these things.”

During his Correspondents Dinner speech, Obama takes a jab at Jewish casino magnate and Republican contributor Sheldon Adelson, saying the money Adelson donated to his rival, Mitt Romney, was not well spent. “Sheldon would’ve been better off offering me the $100 million to drop out of the race.”

Obama pretended to be joking when he said his reelection would allow him to unleash a radical agenda. “I’m not the strapping young Muslim Socialist that I used to be,” said Obama.


How do we know Obama is acting the role of President? Because he is telling us.

Noone knows who Obama really is! NO ONE has ever come forward from Obama's past to say they knew him, attended school with him or was even his friend. NO ONE! Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but no one remembered him. Obama refuses to allow Colombia to release his records and refuses to talk about his years at Columbia or names of any former classmates or friends. Why? Because he was never there! The birth certificate scandal has never been resolved.

Obama is a Manchurian candidate. He is a professional actor installed by his Zionist handlers and he is playing the role of US President. His acting job as President is to disarm the public, to make them forget that everything that was done in Hitler's Germany is now "legalized" in America.

In his role as President, actor Obama approved trillions in bankster bailouts, put lobbyists in top jobs at the White House, allowed airport xraying and groping of women, children and seniors, allowed unemployment to surge sky high, allowed massive bank foreclosures on people's homes, kept Guantamo open and allowed torture to continue, supported Israel's Palestinian holocaust, expanded a murderous international drone war of terror, continued bombing and robbing the people of Iraq and Aghanistan, illegally bombed Libya without the consent of Congress, is COVERTLY bombing Syria and imposing crippling sanctions on Iran.

Actor Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, created a socialist healthcare/RFID program, faked the capture and killing of Bin Laden, signed the NDAA and turned America into a police state. Funny. Very funny.



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