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Boston Bomber - Dead Or Alive?

May 8, 2013 - helpfreetheearth.com

Tamerlan Tsarnaev "reportedly" died on 19 April, four days after two explosions ripped through the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The official cause of death on his death certificate is "gunshot wounds of torso and extremities" combined with "blunt trauma to head and torso".

The certificate adds that he was "shot by police then run over and dragged by motor vehicle". The FBI has previously indicated that Tamerlan's younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, drove over him while making a getaway in a hijacked SUV.


Is the body that is now refrigerated at a funeral home in Massachusetts, the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev? Probably not. Read on.

Protesters picketed throughout the weekend at the funeral home where a police line stood outside the building. "Throw him off a boat like Osama bin Laden!" one man shouted. Another protester carried a sign saying: "Bury the garbage in the landfill".

No cemetery is willing to accept the body, said funeral home director, Peter Stefan. 'In this country, we bury people. We don't leave them hanging around'. The cemeteries don't want the media circus, vandalism, hatred and loss of business.

Nobody wants the body. Not Massachusetts. Not the mother. Not even the wife wants the body of her dead husband.


If the Boston Marathon Bombing STORY is like an action packed made-for-tv movie, that’s because it is. It was produced, written, directed and cast by the same NWO team that produced 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine and all the other false flag "reality TV" shows.

What makes the Boston Bombing "reality" TV series so intriguing is that the wife and the uncle are the supporting actors in the bombing plot.


Ruslan Tsarni was married to Samantha Ankara Fuller - the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller. Ruslan met her In the early 1990’s, while in law school at Duke. Her middle name "Ankara" is the name of one of her father’s CIA postings. The couple divorced sometime before 2004.

Uncle Ruslan Tsarni's spy connections go deep. The mainstream media is focusing on finding out who recruited the Tsarnaev brothers..and ignoring the evidence right under their noses.

At the time of the CIA linked marriage to Fuller, Ruslan Tsarni was known as Ruslan Tsarnaev, the same last name as the alleged bombers.

Uncle Ruslan Tsarni has ties to Dick Cheney's Haliburton and to major geopolitical oil ventures in Kazakstan and Central Asia. He is also tied to organised crime figures in former Soviet countries and to the historical CIA-trojan horse organisation known as USAID. He has been a key player in organising the CPC & BTC Oil pipelines for Kazakhstan oil.


Katherine Russell is an all American girl who grew up with Christian parents in a luxurious and comfortable Rhode Island home. She reportedly wanted to join the Peace Corps...but, instead, she married Tamerlan, converted to islam, covered her head with an Islamic head scarf and cut off all ties with friends.

Katherine Russell, the mysterious ‘Islamic convert’ wife, comes from a family with a CIA pedigree. She is the granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, Skull and Bones member and entrepreneur in the energy industry.

William Huntington Russell (1809 – 1885) co-founded Yale University’s Skull and Bones fraternity. The fraternity is an elite inner circle of US intelligence insiders whose graduates are networked into power positions as Cabinet members, Senators, Presidents and heads of the CIA.


At the time of the Boston Bombing, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev was reportedly living in Cambridge on the second floor of row housing with cracked window panes and a sagging, run-down exterior.

There are absolutely no photographs whatsoever of Tamerlan and his Islamic convert wife Katherine together.

Katherine's fast and dramatic conversion to Radical Islam, her headscarf, her sudden social withdrawal, her dramatic drop from upscale living to row housing suggest that the ‘marriage’ was a staged affair. 

Katherine has now distanced herself and says she wants nothing to do with her husband's dead body. She has taken back her maiden name and claims that she never really knew Tamerlin.

When the dust settles, Katherine Russell will eventually do the talk show circuit. When her ghost-written book deal goes live – America will be listening very closely to her scripted and coached story.


Tamerlan's mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, says the FBI had a three to five-year “controlling” relationship with her oldest son, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, before the Boston bombing incident.

“He was controlled by FBI for three to five years,” Zubeidat Tsarnaev told Russia Today in a television interview.

Zubeidat Tsarnaev said Tamerlan called her the day before the Boston bombing to say he’d been privately contacted by an FBI agent and told he was under suspicion.  She claims her son was told to come in for questioning.

“If you need me you know where to find me,” Tamerlan’s mother said he told the unidentified FBI agent.  A source believes the call was a set-up.


Dan Dicks of Press for Truth says that when he attempted to conduct an interview with the aunt of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, she told him the man arrested by police in a news video of the shoot-out in Watertown, Massachusetts, was her nephew. Maret Tsarnaeva insists her nephew was NOT KILLED by police.

There is reason to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was either an FBI and/or CIA informant or both...and that he may not be dead.


There is documented evidence of the FBI interfacing with Tamerlan Tsarnaev over a 5 year span.

In the summer of 2012, Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended an event hosted by the “American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus” that was organised by the Jamestown Foundation – another known CIA front, which is part of a vast network “controlled by Freedom House (George Soros) and linked to the CIA” according to Voltaire Network.


The body that is now refrigerated, guarded and held at a funeral home in Massachusetts is the evidence that could prove that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a staged false flag operation. That evidence must be covered up so that Tamerlan's family (brother, mother and father) are unable to identify him.

Like the disposal of Bin Laden's "body double" to cover up the evidence of a staged false flag capture, the disposal of Tamerlan's "body double" has also been arranged.

Tamerlan's wife, Katherine Russell, has released the body to Uncle Ruslin who shouted on TV screens around the world that Tamerlin was a "loser" and deserved his violent death. “He deserved this,” shouted Uncle Ruslan Tsarni to TV audiences world wide.

On Sunday, Uncle Ruslan attended the Graham Putnum & Mahoney Funeral Parlors with three unidentified men, to perform rituals required under Muslim tradition on "the alleged body" of his nephew Tamerlan.


The public will never know the true role and true fate of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. They will never know the true identity of the corpse that may have been substituted for his body.

The public will never know if Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed by government agents or if he was conned into showing up at the Marathon with his brother for photo ops.

The public will never know if Blackwater, Craft International and CIA agents used the terrorist drill and actors to stage the bombing event. They will never know Tamerlan's real role in the staged event or whether he is now walking away a free man following a mission accomplished.

Mainstream media reporters have learned not to ask the questions covered in this article – which at the very least connects the Tsarnaev family to the CIA and the crucial geopolitical struggle for energy and power in Eurasia.

Do not expect the major media outlets to look below the surface of the Boston Bombings. Do not expect them to demand any answers other than those which make up the FBI’s official story.

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