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Angelina Jolie Hacks Off Her Hooters


Grace Powers

Angelina Jolie is famous for her kissable big lips, her seductive beauty, her blow-up doll body, her award-winning acting, her poster-girl work for the UN/CFR Evilocracy, her international adoptions and her high-profile relationship with Brad Pitt.

Angelina announced today that she hacked off her breasts in a double mastectomy. No, she didn't have cancer...so why did she do it?

Like the US military that kills enemies through "pre-emptive strikes" (attacking before you are attacked), Angelina made a pre-emptive strike on her breasts before her breasts attacked her.


It's a crying shame! With the spread of news congratulating Jolie for publicizing her cancer fears and taking pre-emptive strike action against her breasts, we can expect a chorus line of women to follow her example and hack off their breasts, too.

What about Brad? Will Brad decide to pre-emptively hack off his testicles because of rising testicular cancer rates among caucasian men?


Based on the teachings of German New Medicine, Angelina Jolie made the false assumption that breast cancer is inherited and that it would likely attack her like it did with other members of her family.

What makes cancer cells form and become aggressive? If a person is laden with chemicals and toxins, if they are deficient in key vital nutrients, if they have had physical trauma or even worse, emotional trauma, all of these factors press the button for normal cells to change into cancer cells.

Breast cancer is the number one cancer that kills women...but it only manifests when the body, mind, emotions and spirit are out of balance. When these four are in harmony, the stage is set for complete healing to occur.

Fearing the "cancer" diagnosis and the trauma of the cancer diagnosis are extremely harmful to the body's immune system and so are radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical drug treatments and even cancer tests.

All medical theories are based on the concept that diseases are "malfunctions" of the organism and that is why medical care is known to be the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.http://chriskresser.com/medical-care-is-the-3rd-leading-cause-of-death-in-the-us


Dr. Hamer's ground-breaking discovery is that diseases are NOT senseless "disorders" but are meaningful biological processes trying to save an organism rather than to destroy it. His findings demonstrate that diseases are not "errors" of Nature but instead are Significant Biological Special Programs of Nature created to support an individual during emotional distress. German New Medicine is the biggest challenge medical science and medicine as a whole has ever faced. 

Breast cancer is linked to the emotional shocks of worry, fear and separation and to false programmed beliefs about cancer including the belief that cancer is inherited. Our physical state is a manifestation of our mental, emotional and spiritual states. What one sees in their body is a product of their thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

Nature never deceives us, it is always we who deceive ourselves.



There is NO EVIDENCE that "defective genes" are necessarily the cause of cancer and there is very limited knowledge about why the genetic changes occur in the first place.

Despite the lack of evidence, medical science continues to teach that cancer is brought on by "mistakes in DNA replication", causing cells to gradually change from normal to "abnormal" and eventually to "malignant" cells. Mapping of cancer genes is one of modern medicine's latest and PROFITABLE ventures. 

Mutations in the genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 are said to increase a woman's risk of getting breast cancer. Under the guise of "good science", "prophylactic" measures such as "preventive mastectomies" are recommended "to reduce the chance of developing cancer". Another "preventive" measure is the "zapping" of the tagged cancer cells, "because a cancer cell is like a person and we must kill it to live", argues Dana Blankenhorn (Rethinking Health Care).

Genes are known to alter themselves in response to a person's environment, thoughts and beliefs. Epigeneticists claim that diseases such as cancer are not caused by defective genes, as claimed by mainstream geneticists, but by non-genetic factors that alter the expression of genes without changing the DNA sequence.


Dr. Bruce Lipton, a trained cell biologist, has demonstrated through scientific experimentation that the behavior of cells are influenced by a person's beliefs and perception of the world. We are NOT controlled by our genes, says Dr. Lipton.

Thoughts are the underlying cause of diseases because "the mind controls the genes" and "thoughts change the biology". A negative belief can make you sick and thoughts create disease.

The beliefs-and-thoughts-cause-disease theory doesn't explain why a person develops a very specific disease; why a heart condition, why a certain type of cancer, why a muscle disorder, why a skin rash, or simply a common cold.

The theory doesn't explain why, for example, a woman develops breast cancer in the breast glands (glandular breast cancer) or in the milk-ducts (intra-ductal breast cancer), why the cancer is in her right or in her left breast, why the tumor grows fast or more slowly, and, furthermore, why not every woman who "believes" in breast cancer, rather who is indoctrinated with the fear of breast cancer, which is the vast majority of women, ends up getting the cancer. The claim that an illness is the result of a person's beliefs or thoughts does not account for the fact that non-congenital diseases, such as hepatitis, occur already in newborns. Furthermore, mammals and other species also develop illnesses, including many different types of cancers.




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