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Angelina Jolie: Will she sell her "boob job" photo for $30 million?



Grace Powers

What $$$ motive did ageing movie star Angelina Jolie have for spreading breast cancer FEARS worldwide and selling the "insane" false science that amputating healthy breasts is prevention?

Was she paid megabucks to launch her private story across the airwaves?

Will she sell the topless photo of her recontructive surgery for $20 million? $40 million?

Jolie and Pitt sold the first baby pictures of their newborn twins to a magazine for a reported £7.5 million pounds ($11 million dollars). Imagine what the topless photo will pay!


After giving birth to 3 kids, 38 year old Angelina Jolie's trademark breasts had seriously sagged, drooped and lost their firm perkiness for her movie roles and for her sex life with husband Brad Pitt.

Was Angelina considering a breast lift and reconstructive cosmetic surgery when opportunity came knocking? Was she offered a multimillion dollar deal by the cancer industry to promote genetic testing and surgery to women worldwide? Did she really have a double mastectomy or a partial mastectomy or was it really a Mastopexy (breast lift and reconstructive surgery)? Would this poster girl for the UN and CFR tell a lie for megabucks? You betcha.

Angelina Jolie DOES NOT have a history of breast cancer in her family. Her mother died of ovarian cancer, not breast cancer and there is no valid scientific evidence that cancer is inherited or caused by BRCA gene mutations.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of diagnostic test maker Myriad Genetics Inc. rose to a three-year high Tuesday, as analysts said actions by the Supreme Court and actress Angelina Jolie could both help the company. Myriad makes a test called BRACAnalysis that is the source of most of the company's revenue. BRACAnalysis looks for mutations on the (mythical) breast cancer predisposition gene, or BRCA.

In the U.S., 5 to 10 percent of breast cancer cases are thought to be linked to BRCA genes. Women who have inherited the gene are "allegedly" about five times more likely to get breast cancer.

In an email, Cowen & Co. analyst Doug Schenkel said there is comparatively little testing of women who, like Jolie, don't have cancer or cancer symptoms. He said Jolie's story increases awareness of the BRACAnalysis test. And that's good news for company PROFITS.

Does BRCA mean "Break" as in "Give me a break"?


How much was Jolie paid to say, "My doctors estimated that I had an 87 per cent risk of breast cancer...My chances of developing breast cancer have dropped from 87 per cent to under 5 per cent."

Blaming genes and amputating perfectly healthy breasts to "prevent" cancer is insane and unethical, and a byproduct of medical propaganda and profiteering. Contrary to the absurd claims preached by Joli's doctors - the risk of cancer is determined by a multitude of factors including environmental toxins, stress and emotional trauma.

Role model Jolie is teaching women that they are powerless sitting duck victims and they need to line up for Myriad Inc.'s BRACAnalysis test. Jolie is recruiting and teaching women that they can prevent breast cancer by paying to have their healthy breasts lopped off. Jolie is making breast amputations fashionable and she is being called "brave" and "heroic"for it. This propaganda is the ultimate in "false-science-for-profit" brainwashing.

The cutting edge research of scientists Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Mae Wan-Ho dispels the archaic, backward notions about the gene blame game that is being played by the cancer industry profiteers.

The biggest hazard to women's health is reconstructive surgery and the implants. The body never forgets trauma and all that scar tissue affects the flow of energy (chi).Think about all the complications that can arise from being a double breast amputee?! In some cases the lymph nodes are removed. They serve our bodies as a "garbage dump removal system". This is a great recipe for lymphoma.


93% of "early detection" has no benefit to the patient according to a groundbreaking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

"We found that the introduction of screening has been associated with about 1.5 million additional women receiving a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer," writes study co-author Dr. Gilbert Welch.



If you think early detection saves lives you are wrong, says Dr. Welch's team. The team of scientists discovered that there is virtually no reduction in late-stage breast cancer from all this "early" diagnosis, meaning that most women who were told they had breast cancer after a mammogram were being lied to.

As he explains: There was a lot of overdiagnosis: more than a million women who were told they had early stage cancer -- most of whom underwent surgery, chemotherapy or radiation -- for a "cancer" that was never going to make them sick. Although it's impossible to know which women these are, that's some pretty serious harm.

93% of the "early detection" cancer cases studied were false positives, meaning that they would never have gone on to cause advanced-stage cancer anyway.


According to these scientists, "Breast cancer was overdiagnosed (i.e., tumors were detected on screening that would never have led to clinical symptoms) in 1.3 million U.S. women in the past 30 years."

That's 1.3 million women who were told by their lying oncologists: "If you don't agree to treatment, you'll be dead in six months" or two years, or whatever
fraudulent scare schedule they use.

Under the threat of this fear, most women cave in and agree to start "treatment" -- often on the very same day they are falsely diagnosed. This so-called "treatment" consists of a highly toxic injection of deadly chemicals that the oncologist makes a small fortune selling to the very same patients he falsely diagnosed. Yep, that's right: Cancer clinics and oncology treatment centers make huge profits on the chemotherapy drugs they sell to patients -- the very same patients they scared into treatment through a false positive mammogram.

Despite the near-total failure of mammography from a scientific point of view, the propaganda push for mammography is downright deafening. As Dr. Welch explains in his New York Times article:

...No other medical test has been as aggressively promoted as mammograms -- efforts that have gone beyond persuasion to guilt and even coercion ("I can't be your doctor if you don't get one"). And proponents have used the most misleading screening statistic there is: survival rates. A recent Komen foundation campaign typifies the approach: In short, tell everyone they have cancer, and survival will [statistically] skyrocket.

The statistical deception fools most women, sadly, convincing them to undergo toxic chemotherapy for a "breast cancer" they never really had. The No. 1 side effect of chemotherapy is cancer.


Once women begin the chemotherapy for a cancer they don't even have, they begin to experience what the quack oncologist calls "symptoms of cancer." Their hair falls out. They lose their appetite. Their muscles atrophy. They become weak, mentally confused and chronically fatigued. The cancer doctor then tells the woman, "You must be strong to pull through this while the medicine is working."

Pure quackery! You could do much better invoking voodoo or even just wishing to be cured. Because everything about the cancer experience in modern medicine -- the diagnosis, the "treatment," the medical authority -- is utterly and maliciously fabricated for the purpose of generating cancer industry profits.

"Better" technology leads to more false positives. There is no better example of modern-day medical quackery than the cancer industry. Armed with ever-more-precise mammography machines, the rate of false positive diagnoses has shot through the roof.

As Dr. Welch writes in the New York Times: Six years ago, a long-term follow-up of a randomized trial showed that about one-quarter of cancers detected by screening were overdiagnosed. And this study reflected mammograms as used in the 1980s. Newer digital mammograms detect a lot more abnormalities, and the estimates of overdiagnosis have risen commensurately: now somewhere between a third and half of screen-detected cancers.

Got that? Many cancer diagnoses from mammography are utterly false. But they are a great scare tactic for recruiting women into what can only be called a "cult of cancer" in which they are manipulated into poisoning themselves with chemicals. They are later called "cancer survivors" if the poison doesn't manage to kill them.

These cancer survivors are, of course,
victims of a malicious medical cult. In nearly all cases, it wasn't the cancer that nearly killed them... it was the treatment!

Many cancer surgeons operating today literally slice off women's breasts following a false positive cancer diagnosis, maiming her for life.

One of the earmarks of this cult is the worship of self-mutilation. It's not just the women who are manipulated into having their breasts sliced off by surgeons; it's also the women who are manipulated into being injected with deadly poisons that destroy their kidneys, livers and brains.

Like any cult, the cancer industry cult pushes its delusions with emotionally-charged propaganda and powerful symbols (pink ribbons). Millions of women get innocently swept up into the "run for the cure," apparently clueless to the fact that most of that "cure" money goes to pay for more mammograms that result in more false diagnoses which ensnare yet more women into the same victimization racket.

Thus, the very women who participate in raising money for these pink ribbon cult worship-fests are actually paying for the mammogram machines that will recruit more women into the same cult via a quack diagnosis followed by a "campaign of fear and terror" carried out by oncologists against women. What the cancer industry is doing today is, by any measure, a crime against women. It's also a form of cultural mutilation of women, much like we've seen in Aztec, Mayan and various African cultures throughout history.

Is the cancer industry cult a criminal operation? Almost certainly. Is it scientific? Not a chance. There is nothing "scientific" about the modern-day cancer industry other than the scientific manipulation of women's fears and emotions. What the cancer industry lacks in ethics, science or facts, it more than makes up for in tactics of arm-twisting and flat-out lying to the public about the over-hyped benefits of mammography.

The cancer industry isn't in the business of curing cancer, after all. But it is in the business of catapulting the propaganda of the delusional cancer cult. As Dr. Welch explains:

Screening proponents have also encouraged the public to believe two things that are patently untrue. First, that every woman who has a cancer diagnosed by mammography has had her life saved (consider those "Mammograms save lives. I'm the proof" T-shirts for breast cancer survivors). The truth is, those survivors are much more likely to have been victims of overdiagnosis.


All those women marching around with pink T-shirts that say, "Mammograms save lives" are actually declaring themselves to be the unwitting victims of a scientific campaign of targeting women, scaring women into treatment they don't need, then maiming women with toxic chemicals or surgeons' knives.

If those pink T-shirts actually told the truth, they should say, "I survived the cancer industry."

Why do families allows their own mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmothers to be poisoned and maimed right in front of their own eyes, while they all sit back and submit to the false authority of profit-seeking doctors who practice nothing more than pure quackery?

Countless numbers of innocent women are tricked into being mutilated, chemically poisoned, and blasted with ionizing radiation by profiteering doctors who don't care how many women they maim or murder as long as they get reimbursed by Medicare for the procedures.

That's the truth about the cancer industry.


While Angelina is busy selling women medical myths and the rewards of amputation, Brad is busy playing leading roles in the Pentagon's Hollywood terror flicks.  What a couple of NWO MF's.


Angelina Jolie is a seductive saleswoman for the CFR (Council On Foreign Relations). She works for them and parades her so-called charitable work in front of the cameras. Jolie seduces her international audience into believing that she is a humanitarian but what she is supporting is globalist raids on third world nations for their resources. These raids leave millions behind to starve to death.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) makes loans to third world countries that they can't pay back. They then, force debt-ridden nations into starvation and poverty. They must trade away their resources to pay back the IMF loan sharks until there is nothing left to trade for food and water. That's how revolutions are provoked. That's what creates a "manufactured" excuse for the UN to plant themselves firmly in the regions which they want to dominate.

Jolie is openly pushing for globalist wars under the cover of humanitarian intervention. Swimming in the blood of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and scores of other nations, Jolie is now pushing for a military invasion to “help” Africa. She and her illiuminati paymasters are carrying out destabilization operations in the 3rd world to reduce the population and steal their resources.

The UN is at the center of this corporate global takeover. Angelina Jolie is their poster girl. She is promoting NATO’s genocidal "‘humanitarian intervention’ war doctrine" and she is howling for Syrian blood. http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/news644_angelina.html

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