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The Robin Hood Movement



If you could rob the filthy rich (without getting caught or hurting anyone) and give the money to poor and starving sick people, would you do it?

Only one percent of the 6.7 billion people who populate this Planet own and control more than half the world's wealth. They are the filthy rich European royalty, the banksters and the Vatican.

Among these trillionaire thieves are the Windsor, Rothschild, Rockefeller and Warburg families who rule the world from the shadows. They acquired their wealth over the centuries through the slave trade, opium and drug trade, loan sharking, monopolizing industry, privatizing land and resources and hijacking the world's central banks.

They have no intention of ever giving back or redistributing their looted wealth. In fact, they intend to continue looting until there's nothing left to loot. Their ancestral goal is to establish a tyrannical world government.

It's time to start a Robin Hood Movement in your area and take back our stolen money. It's time to become an active hero instead of a passive victim.

Who is Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is an outlaw hero in English folklore, known for "robbing the rich and giving to the poor," with the assistance of his fellow outlaws. There are many songs and stories about him, starting in medieval times, and continuing through more modern literature, films, and television series. The earliest sources portray Robin Hood as a commoner, but he was later portrayed as an aristocrat turned outlaw after he was wrongfully dispossessed of his lands.

Isn't stealing wrong?

Isn't stealing wrong? Isn't it a crime and a sin? Doesn't god punish thieves? Well, god hasn't punished the Vatican or the banksters or the Queen who are dripping in gold, flying around in private jets, entertaining the elite at their palaces and luxury estates while half the robbed world lives on less than $2 a day.

Taking back what's been stolen from you and what's righfully yours isn't a crime or a sin. Giving it back to the poor, starving, sick and needy people of the world who have been mercilessly exploited by the filthy rich is also not a crime or a sin. It's heroic.

Become a Robin Hood Hero

The world needs real heroes - not fake heroes like sports figures who get kazillion dollar salaries to play with their balls (basketballs, golf balls, footballs). We memorize meaningless statistics about how many times they put their balls in holes. TV and radio stations spend endless meaningless hours analyzing those meaningless statistics and calling it news! While we focus on trivia about the bankster owned sports teams, your bankster sponsored goverment is busy changing laws and using your tax dollars to kill, maim, bomb and occupy other people's nations.

If you work for the government or you work for a giant corporation (most are subsidiaries of bankster monopolies), you are lining the pockets of the money vampires. If you pay taxes, put your money in a bank, invest in the stock market, you are lining the pockets of the money vampires. If you think your tax dollars are paying for roads, bridges and schools, forget it. Every penny of your tax dollars pays for your country's national debt to the banksters who got rich with your money in the first place. The banksters then lend your tax dollars back to your government WITH EXHORBITANT INTEREST to pay for roads, bridges and schools.

It's time to become a Robin Hood hero in your neighbourhood, community and city. And don't give the recovered money to charities. The banksters own those, too!


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