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Armed March On Washington Ponzi Scheme

May 25, 2013


Expect another False Flag event between now and the 4th of July.

The original plan of former Iraq war veteran, Adam Kokesh, was to lead a controversial armed march on Washington DC on July 4th.

Now, Kokesh is calling for an armed rebellion, an “American Revolutionary Army" to march on each of 50 state capitals and demand that the governors start an orderly dissolution of the federal government through secession and reclamation of federally held property.


What is a Judas goat? It's a goat used by a herdsman to get his sheep to voluntarily follow their fake leader into a slaughter house. Adam Kokesh was a US Marine civil affairs officer which means he did psy ops against the occupied people of Iraq.

The DHS has 72 Threat Fusion centers. There is a Threat Fusion center in each state capitol. They have 2,700 tanks and 2 billion hollow point bullets. During the Vietnam war era there was a protest at Kent Sate college in Ohio. One FBI informant fired a starter’s pistol. The National Guard used that as an excuse to open fire and killed 4 students. That could happen again on a much bloodier scale.

The Kokesh plan plays right into the hands of the Obama administration who needs an excuse to use an executive order to pass Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing laws. The banker gangsters know that the best way to kill a revolution is to lead it!. Problem-Reaction-Solution. Trusting Kokesh is like trusting the Austin Guy named Alex. The bankster enemies of America have trained and hired the very best to deceive us. Beware.


Adam Kokesh is the Jewish son of Charles Kokesh, a Santa Fe venture capital businessman, founder of Technology Funding and former owner of the Santa Fe Horse Park.

Adam's father was charged by SEC for running a ponzi scheme. Like his father, Adam also runs a ponzi scheme called "Invest in the Future of Freedom" which spins fake libertarian ideas. He asks for money and provides nothing of value in return for his rhetoric.

Kokesh was "presumably" thrown in a federal prison in Philadelphia on trumped up charges of assaulting a police officer and has been denied bail.

Video of the incident shows Kokesh holding his hands up as he is dragged away by police.

Adam's business team and his public relations agent, Shield Mutual, are operating the give-me-money fund...because they allegedly need to retain a top lawyer to defend Adam from the government legal system.

Shield Mutual was hired by Adam in August of 2012 specifically to manage his public relations defense and do what it takes to defend him from government aggression - BS. The money will reach Adam's legal defense.

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