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Jackson Family Madness

June 07, 2013


Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, is the girl who has everything, but the girl who has nothing, says an insider.

The hospitalization of Paris Jackson after her suicide attempt early Wednesday morning has once again placed the 15-year-old's family life under a microscope.

Though co-guardian grandmother Katherine Jackson, biological mother Debbie Rowe and co-guardian cousin TJ Jackson have all visited Paris, the future of her home life remains unclear as the trio tries to determine what's best for the teenager, who struggles to balance a normal childhood with the pressures that come with being part of her famous family.

Paris had recently connected with her mother, Rowe, but the reunion (which has Katherine's support) may have been a cry for help.

The suicide attempt is understood to have come after a dark time and episodes of self-harming. 'Paris has been very, very depressed for a while. She's been throwing fits and tantrums, kicking and screaming and cutting herself,' a source tells magazine.

"Paris is very unhappy and alone," adds an insider. "She's living in this place and there's security and uncles and all these hangers-on. And she's alone. That's one of the reasons she reached out to Debbie Rowe – she wants a family, she's missed her dad."

Paris Jackson's mother Debbie Rowe, grandmother Katherine and aunt La Toya Jackson rallied around the teenager on Wednesday night following her suicide attempt. The women were pictured leaving the LA hospital where the 15-year-old is being held on a psychiatric hold, which permits a 72-hour hold for minors.

Days leading to her suicide attempt, Paris Jackson, reportedly fought with her brother Prince Michael, 16. The siblings used to be close with each other, especially after their father Michael Jackson died in 2009, but they allegedly grew apart after she reconnected with their mother Debbie Rowe who gave them up in a multi-million-dollar divorce settlement with MJ years ago.

"Paris and Prince were always so insanely close until Debbie came back in the picture, and Paris wanted to get close with her. Paris wanted her mom in her life, but Paris was younger and Prince remembers all of the awful things Michael told them about Debbie. Prince feels Paris is betraying their father by getting close to Debbie."

"Paris made her own decision to get to know her mom and found she really liked her. She loves the stories Debbie has told her about her dad," the insider continued, adding that Prince "has these massive fights with her and calls Paris a backstabber for getting to know 'that woman'." "It really hurts Paris as they used to be close," the source claimed.

Paris was first spotted spending time with Debbie, 54, on her 15th birthday. The mother & daughter duo was spotted hanging out at a pony ranch, enjoying sushi and attending a local beauty pageant in Debbie's hometown of Temecula, California. There was even a rumor that the teen considered to move in with her biological mom to "have a more normal life."

Debbie has gone on a blistering Facebook rant, slamming the ”vultures” who’ve attacked her two children to late pop star Michael Jackson.


Debbie Rowe – who rebuilt a relationship with Paris in the months before her suicide bid on Wednesday — taunted supposed haters in her social media missive late Thursday, suggesting they could “go to hell.”

“For those of you that sit like vultures in preparation to continue to attack my children anyway, you can go to hell for they are already more than you will EVER hope to be,” wrote Rowe, who was married to Jackson from 1996 to 1999 and is the mother of Paris and Prince Michael.


But following a series of events in August 2012 – including a reports of an altercation at the family compound and of 83-year-old Katherine having gone missing, before later being located in Arizona – Michael's nephew and the children's cousin, TJ Jackson, was named their temporary guardian.

While the source says TJ is considered "very hands on," taking the kids to school and dealing with their meetings, Paris still felt that something was missing in her home life.

"Paris loves her grandmother but feels that Katherine can't provide for her emotional needs," says the source. "She and Katherine are close, but it just isn't working for Paris. That's why Paris has turned to Debbie Rowe. There is something missing in Paris's life. The family hasn't really taken this serious."

Another source adds that with Michael's wrongful death trial underway, Katherine is consumed by it, which leaves little time for Paris.

"It's really sad," the insider adds. "Paris is the girl who has everything, but the girl who has nothing. She's so alone."

Says the source close to the Jacksons, "Paris went to UCLA Medical Center a few months back for depression and because she was feeling suicidal. She misses her father greatly. She was the center of Michael's world. And it's all different now. She's just one of many grandkids now."

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