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Alex Jones Bilderberg Show

June 10, 2013


When we think of Bilderberg, we think of the Illuminati, the New World Order and we think of Alex Jones. Alex has become so synonymous with Bilderberg, that we might as well start calling him Alex Bilderberg.


Remember how Alex managed to sneak past heavy security at the Bohemian Grove elite retreat in California and videotaped a mock human sacrifice? Well, he's done it again. This time, Alex managed to sneak into the heavily guarded 2013 Bilderberg conference held at The UK's Grove Hotel.

How did he do it? By boarding a huge river boat barge. With his megaphone and camera crew, he floated down a river right beside the Grove Hotel and performed his usual "Down With The New World Order" schtick.


Bilderberg conferences and Bohemian Grove have an iron clad "no trespassing" rule that forbids everybody from getting anywhere near the world's richest and most powerful names in business and politics - except for Alex!

Does anyone with half a brain really believe Alex Jones managed to fool the world's most highly paid, powerful security & surveillance teams who surround and protect the elite????? Are we supposed to believe he did it on a huge river boat barge??? Not a chance! Not without "pre-arranged" clearance!


Not only did superstar Alex penetrate security, he landed an interview on the BBC!!!

Alex Bilderberg has been showcased on CNN with Piers Morgan, the View with Barbara Walters, the HuffPost and now the BBC. Wow! That's some powerful dude who can magically open all those mainstream doors and sneak right past the world's toughest security teams!

It's no accident that Alex Jones has risen to activist celebrity superstar status. All it takes are nods and winks from mainstream media and security.


Whenever Alex gets mainstream airtime - what does he do with it? He shouts and rants like a madman and discredits himself...but Alex is no dummy. He's intelligent enough to know that his show biz rants turn off his mainstream audience...and that's precisely his intention. It's theatrics. It's an act...and it's an obvious act. Alex is a seasoned activist performer and he uses theatrics and every media opportunity to plug INFOWARS.COM $$$$$$.

Anyone who has done their homework knows that the ruling elite work both sides of the fence. They control both sides of every movement, every revolution and every war and they control/groom/finance the leaders on both sides.

Alex Jones has been catapulted into TV-internet superstardom. His job is to deliver enough conspiracy truth and facts to keep his followers following...yet just enough crazed rants to turn off mainstream viewers. It's the old divide and conquer formula. Alex is an expert at controlling his popularity so that he keeps non-mainstream and mainstream divided!


Global economists know that the world's economic system is unsustainable and is about to collapse. The Euro is already collapsing and the American dollar and other currencies will soon follow.

When will the collapse happen? The Bilderberg elite know the answer to that question which is no doubt at the top of their agenda. The collapse will come when they decide they are good and ready for it.

Once the ruling elite choose a date to crash the "unsustainable" global markets, all they have to do is sit back and watch the mayhem. There will be a run on the banks followed by bank closures followed by civil unrest followed by empty store shelves, fuel shortages, looting and rioting. The unprepared masses will be in a state of hunger, panic and desperation...and they will do whatever it takes to survive.

All the elite have to do is sit back and patiently wait as armed preppers fight non-preppers, democrats fight gun toting republicans, anarchists fight tea partiers and Alex followers fight Alex haters. The elite know that the chaos and blood in the streets will force the general public to beg them to send in the military and restore order - the New World Order!



Besides Alex, this year’s Bilderberg conference attendees include IMF loan shark Christine Lagarde, former U.S. Secretary of Hate Henry Kissinger and Google Surveillance chairman Eric Schmidt.

What's this year's agenda? To discuss and plan humanity's future.



The elites are famous for building symbolic messages into their currency, logos, and artwork...like their murals at the Denver New World Airport.

The Grove Hotel where this year's Bilderberg conference was held featured a chilling sculpture of a half-robot, half-human skeleton crawling out of a pool of water.

Is this art imitating life or is it art imitating the end of Life?

The creepiest part of this hotel sculpture is the transhumanism theme which illustrates the next stage of human evolution through bio-engineering.

Aldous Huxley's famous book, “Brave New World" and George Orwell's “1984" both envision a future that most people call “The New World Order”– a depressing future police-state world in which a one world government uses technology, such as surveillance cameras, psychological warfare (propaganda) and brutal military/police forces to control everyone and everything in this dystopian, fictional world.

Dr. Carroll Quigley writes in Tragedy and Hope, “The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole… Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world’s money… 

What are the ruling elite doing with the world's money that they have looted and hoarded? The ruling elite are the founders and investors in transhumanism. One of the key Transhumanist concepts is eugenics which is "selective breeding of humans with the aim of “improving human genetic qualities” and rendering "undesirables" infertile.

Today, transhumanism claims to only support voluntary eugenics but “voluntary eugenics” will not be voluntary in the New World Order once the transhumanist elite get full political and financial power. In fact, they are already imposing their Transhumanist agenda on our world – whether we like it or not - through vaccines.


MURG” is the acronym that transhumanists use to refer to the “Mind Upload Research Group”. The Hive Mind is a technology that allows humans to “upload their minds” to an artificial memory device.

That device will be a global hard drive combining the intelligence of all our minds into a new superintelligence or Hive Mind.

The idea of transhumanism has been circulating in mass media movies, TV shows and music videos. Imma Be /Rock that Body is one of many videos portraying the upgrade of human beings to a super-robotlike status. The repeated recurrence of this theme is a steady flow of desensitization, predictive programming and good old fashioned marketing.


The elite's transhumanist ideas of becoming gods and having eternal life through technology reveals an extreme level of vanity. Not just the simple human vanity of wearing nice clothes and putting on makeup to look good – but to BE gods – therefore, rejecting and replacing God, entirely. This is the Luciferian doctrine:

“Instead of meekly worshiping fictional gods, or blindly dismissing the ideals they represent, we should seek to become godlike ourselves. The body is weak, but the mind can be forever. People may die, but they can be preserved and resurrected. This world may in many ways resemble hell, but we can create heaven on earth. The universe may be a place of chaos and entropy, but we can fill it with order and intelligence. Guided by reason and empowered by technology, we can bend reality to our will, and make the impossible possible.”

It is a sci-fi based worldview based on futurist theories proposed by science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.  These writers envisioned a future presided over by a post-human, technologically superior elite that further develop into the Darwinian model of natural selection and superiority devoid of any moral compass.  In fact, for Arthur C. Clarke, the “enlightener” of man is actually Lucifer, according to his 2001 series. 

Transhumaism is a complete dehumanization of our species and the replacement of all existing religious and spiritual beliefs with a Luciferian doctrine.


The chilling half-robot, half-human sculpture crawling out of a pool of water at this year's Bilderberg conference is a symbol of transhumanism. It embodies the Illuminati's transhumanist vision of a post-human era in which the top bloodline elites merge with technology to live on as immortals and terraform other planets.  

The sculpture is not meaningless corporate art. There is direct symbolism: a human skeleton, artificial body parts, and the gesture of crawling. Symbols are typically woven together to create new meaning - just like words in a sentence - which the viewers are expected to infer. This sculpture sends a clear transhumanist message.

The fruits of transhumanism will only be available to the richest people on Earth to create a separate, “elite” class of “superhumans”. To succeed, the concept needs to be sold to the masses through predictive programming in movies, TV and video games. The masses are being “programmed” to perceive transhumanism as inevitable.

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