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New World Order King Is Part Indian

June 18, 2013


New genetic tests reveal that Prince William will be Britain's first king with Indian ancestors.

New DNA tests on saliva samples given by Diana's aunt and other descendants allegedly prove that William's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother Eliza Kerwark was half Indian.

Eliza Kework was born in western India around 1790 and is believed to have married Scottish merchant Theodore Forbes in 1812. Now the genetic analysis shows she must have been Indian.

Dr. Wilson announced that Prince William has inherited Eliza's distinctive mitochondrial DNA code.

Eliza Kework's young daughter Katherine was sent back to Britain. Katherine, known as Kitty, went on to marry in Scotland and her great-great-granddaughter was Princess Diana's mother Frances Burke Roche, who married the 8th Earl Spencer.


When Princess Diana was conceived in October 1960, her mother was having a "well documented" love affair with one of the world's wealthiest business tycoons - James Goldsmith. Learn more.

Charles and Diana toured India in 1992 — when Diana was famously pictured sitting alone in front of the Taj Mahal as their marriage was crumbling.

William and wife Kate will be encouraged to make an official visit to India after the birth of their first child next month, according to reports.


On a global scale, Prince William is the world's most popular public figure. His popularity sky rocketed after the death of his idolized mother and after his wedding of the century to Kate.

The Indian DNA propaganda story stands to boost William's popularity even further among India's 1.1 billion people who can now feel a special kinship to him. There is no doubt that the birth of William and Kate's baby next month will also boost his popularity worldwide and that the media monopolies will focus worldwide publicity on the birth and on William and Kate.

No public figure is immune to bad publicity except one - Prince William. The Rothschild controlled Associated Press have protected their “demi-god” from all criticism, scandal and tabloid attacks on his character by enforcing a "hands off" policy and by tightening the choke chain on journalists. To keep their jobs, journalists must portray William as the responsible, handsome, self-effacing heir to the throne. By contrast, William's carrot-topped, pot-smoking, boozing brother Harry is portrayed as the bad Prince who parties too hard and has been caught wearing a Nazi uniform.

In 2015, William turns 33 which is the ascended number in Freemasonry. Hints of William's identity as World Ruler are concealed in coded Bible prophecy, in his coat of arms and in the genealogy charts of the British Royal family. The temple where he will rule as World King is already under construction in Jerusalem.

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