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Syria Timebomb Ready To Explode

June 19, 2013


Could Syria's civil war be the spark that causes the Middle East to explode? Is World War 3 right around the corner?

Syria's civil war is a manufactured war and it is spilling into neighbouring countries and engulfing the entire region. It is the battleground for a deadly power struggle between the world's superpowers.

So far, the Syrian war has claimed 93,000 lives and turned 1.6 million people into refugees.


The superpowers are providing the financial support and weaponry that is fueling the religious divisions and battles between Christians, Sunnis and Shiites.

Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel are aligned with the so called Sunni rebels against Syrian President Assad.

On the other side? Russia and the Shi’a Muslims are allies of the Syrian leadership and the Assad government.


Syria’s so called rebels are a loose alliance of army deserters, Sunni civilians and al-Qaeda-linked fanatics and the USA is arming them to the teeth.

In Benghazi, the United States was caught running guns to arm Al Qaeda mercenaries to start the war against Syrian President Assad.  Obama signed a secret order giving support to Al Queda (the rebels), and John McCain visited them to give them credibility.

Meanwhile, the Shi’a Muslims continue to flood Syria to support Assad and fight America's Al Queda mercenaries.


Obama's decision to supply more weapons to Al Queda in Syria is a Code Red. It is guaranteed to escalate and expand the war and drench the entire region in even more blood.

While Obama is sending planeloads of weapons to Syria, Putin is sending anti-aircraft missiles.

It’s one thing for a few thousand fighters from Hezbollah to join the war, or for the Gulf state of Qatar to supply weapons. It’s quite another for the world’s superpowers to back the opposing forces in a civil war.

The Lebanese group Hezbollah has joined Assad's forces and are being armed by Iran and Russia while America supplies weapons to their enemies.

Iraq’s civil war has been re-ignited by the sectarian slaughter in Syria, with over 1,000 killed in the worst month of violence in five years.

Lebanon is Israel's neighbour and it is dominated by Hezbollah which is now fighting inside Syria. Fighting in Lebanon between Sunni and Shia factions makes Lebanon a tinderbox waiting to explode.


It is time to connect the dots on the dirty chess game in the Middle East.

The Arab Spring started in North Africa. Egypt was the trigger and the opening pawn was Libya. Syria erupted shortly after Libya, slowly consuming Syria's war machine in against a USA-funded patchwork of insurgents.

The Gulf monarchies were ultimately untouched and Iraq was left to stew in its mess. Predictably, the Syria debacle is on the verge of spilling over into Lebanon and this consequently has lit the fuse in Gaza, with Israel already itching for a ground offensive.


Democracy is not the objective of the “Arab Spring.” The objective is Iran.

What we’re looking at is a gradual devolution of behind-the-scenes terrorism and its consequent dirty tricks towards a systemic war with Iran.

Here’s how it works: for Israel to even have a chance of being on the map, it needs an umbilical cord to the United States, and to have unstable neighbours.

It's a classic imperial strategy of divide and conquer – prod and poke, stoke the fires, sign a peace treaty, rinse and repeat. Only now, the risk of playing with the matches is that it might set off the whole pile of TNT.

In Iran, for all the polemics since 1979, the Ayatollahs have adopted an intelligent foreign policy of official defense. We can’t find a reason to fight them, and that is the bane of all the hawks in Tel Aviv and Washington.

With Hamas firing Iranian missiles and Hezbollah getting involved, it is certain that Iran will be called an aggressor in a matter of days or weeks. In the macabre aftermath, one thing is certain: rivers of blood.

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