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How To Stop Freaking Out

June 26, 2013


Here is a youtube called Critical! Emergency Emergency about a leaked NASA document.

This video will make you crap your pants...if you take it seriously. So, don't crap your pants. It won't change anything except your underwear.

Here are some emails below that I received about this Critical! Emergency Emergency video.

"Hi Grace,

Yet another leaked document from NASA that scares the living crap out of you. Here's what I think:

1. This war on humanity goes beyond physical reality.
2. The bad ass people/beings are gaming us but human beings don't know the rules of the game.
3. Electronics, cellphone tower, computers, anything digital plays a huge role in their war on humanity.
4. Universal tools are being used to achieve this world domination plan.
5. Humans are extremely powerful but most are not aware of their powers because they have been deceived by false science, medications and revisionist history.
6. Humans have the power to use emotion and imagination to control their reality. 
7. There is an energetic grid around the PLAN-NET. The rulers control the points of Earth's energetic vortex.
8. This grid can only keep within it - anything that is vibrating at low frequencies. Fear, anger, greed and ego keep us vibrating at low frequencies and locked in the grid.
9. When human consciousness is raised, we can transcend the grid.

10. The dark ones are throwing everything possible at us to keep us in "fear mode", "ego mode" and "low vibration" so we remain trapped in the grid.
11. They are non-physical beings and they need a host.
12. Their goal is to create borg-like creatures (transhumanism) as hosts in order to manifest the reality that they envision for themselves.
13. This diabolical plan can be easily stopped if people wake up to who they really are and unite against this tyranny.
14. Producing high vibrations of joy and peace drills holes in the hijacked energy grid.
15. It's just a game." - Katya

"Hi Grace,

They came up with a step by step plan over a hundred years ago called the Protocols of Zion that they have been fulfilling EXACTLY as they outlined. Today they are coming out with "programming" propaganda like the Report From Iron Mountain (a stable economy needs war) and music albums like Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and The Future is Now.  

The sheeple recite mainstream media perpectives about conspiracy theory instead of thinking critically, researching the truth and ripping out their smart meters or demanding clean food, clean air and clean water.  

If we organized a general strike, things would change tomorrow and turn around.   It takes courageous, intelligent people to arm themselves with information and prevent an Orwellian future for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

The illuminati have stated that we deserve the world they give us because we are lazy and stupid.  I have started to think they are correct. When I try to educate people, I get dismissed with put downs like, "Oh you are just a conspiracy theorist" or "I don't want to talk about that. It's so negative."

After years of trying to get people to talk about something besides the latest hockey or football scores or what the Kardashians are doing or their chances of winning the lottery, I have given up on them.   

I can count on one hand the intelligent good friends I have that I can sit down and discuss these things with. We have all tried to warn people about what is coming down but they don't want to listen. We try to tell them what's in their diet soda, or their water, corn, tofu, vaccines, air, microwaves. They don't want to know about it...   even if it is killing them - which it is. Some will even say, "I don't care if it's true. I don't believe it"!!!! Waking up too late doesn't cut it. It is akin to closing the barn door after the horse gets out." - Colleen

"Hi Grace,

The woman in the video has a lazy right eye or a GLASS eye. Couldn't stand it. Started advancing film, never did finish." - James

Hi Everybody,

When you are peaceful and loving on the inside, it really doesn't matter what's happening on the outside. - Grace Powers

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