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Robots Make Good Lovers

June 29, 2013

by Grace Powers www.helpfreetheearth.com


We've all heard the terms heterosexual, homosexual and bi-sexual, but how about robosexual?

Tired of human lovers who lie, cheat, nag and deceive? How about a sexy, life-size, super-attractive robo-lover who is always "in the mood" and always obedient, accepting and forgiving.

Before you decide that making out with plastic is undignified, sick, kinky and pathetic, think about the savings. No more expensive dating, marriages and divorces.

Some men love their life-like robo-lovers so much, they are willing to pay as much as $105,000 for one!

Robo-lovers can be a replica of famous porn stars and they come with firm breasts, hard nipples and a deep tight vagina that is easily washable. Want a celebrity to take back to your love nest? Choose from the Britney, Beyonce and Pamela look-a-likes.

Also known as love dolls, these realistic playmates come in different colours, sizes, races, hair color, feel and shape.

There are even "gay sex dolls and sex dolls for women" too. Bi-sexuals can bring home one of each to satisfy their dual cravings.


Realistic love dolls for women come in different professions such as a male construction worker. These love companions are made with soft and sturdy latex or latex alternatives for the perfect feel and fit.

The love doll can bear a considerable amount of weight for women who like to sit on it. The penis is always hard and some will vibrate along with the testicles which are removable.

The robo-lover comes with a "sucking mouth" feature that provides oral sex for men and a vibrating, rotating tongue for the ladies.


Can love dolls substitute for a real lover? We know that people love inanimate objects...like their car, their iphone and money...so why not a sex doll?

The options are endless in choosing a life-size love doll that's right for you.

They come with replaceable mannequin heads for "variety" and they do almost everything that a real lover can do without the STD's. What's not-to-love?

Let's pretend, for a second, you're a heterosexual man or women who has had bad luck with the opposite sex...so you become a robosexual. You buy an upscale silicone love doll and you even give it a name, create a personality for it, dress it and give your plastic playmate a back story...maybe even carry around a photo of your plastic partner in your wallet, fall in love and buy it a wedding ring.

After a decade of lovin', your playmate starts to get old and worn out. (like a real partner and a bad marriage).

All you have to do is reincarnate your lover with a new replica.

This article is "tongue in cheek"...or in something.

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