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Snowden and the All Seeing Eye

July 1, 2013


What lessons are we learning from Snowden, the darling of the corporate news media?

First of all, we need to ask why the corporate news media has made him into a "spy superhero" and a "traitor villain" depending on your politics.

The mainstream media monopolies are owned by the ruling crime families and they are busy 24/7 dividing the population into opposing camps and teaching us lessons that serve their agenda.


The big lesson coming from Snowden himself is that the NSA and affiliates are the global "all seeing eye". They see and hear all. Snowden and the corporate owned media are telling us over and over again that there is no escaping the "all seeing eye". There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide - not for whistleblowers or anyone else.

The subtext message that Snowden and the corporate media are delivering to the world is "Don't even think about blowing the whistle! Don't even think about a "terrorist act" like exposing government corruption because "the all seeing eye" will find you and punish you.

Whistleblower Julian Assange is a prisoner. He has been holed up in the UK's Ecuador embassy for the past year. Whistleblower Bradley Manning is now on trial and facing life in prison for "aiding the enemy" (exposing murderous government crimes). Edward Snowden has been marooned like a prisoner in the transit area of a Moscow airport since june 23rd.


US President Barack Obama has publicly issued a threat to a number of countries. His threat is that granting asylum to Snowden would carry costs. What costs? Overthrowing their government? Assasinating their leaders? Economic sanctions? Drone attacks?

Snowden has finally broken a nine-day silence since arriving in Moscow from Hong Kong. He has challenged Washington by saying he is free to publish more about its secret programs.


RUSSIA: Mr. Putin said that the fugitive American could stay in Russia if he stopped “harming our American partners” by exposing U.S. global secret surveillance. Putin’s "conditional" asylum offer was rejected by Snowden because Snowden says he doesn't want to be silenced. Snowden's refusal to seek asylum in Russia will keep him stranded in the airport until one of 18 other countries agrees to grant him asylum...and passage.

ECUADOR: In a letter to Ecuador seen by Reuters, Snowden said the United States was illegally persecuting him for revealing its electronic surveillance programme, PRISM. President Correa of Ecuador made it clear that Ecuador's travel aid given to Snowden from China to Russia was purely accidental and a mistake. The Ecuadorian President said that Edward Snowden will not necessarily be granted asylum in Ecuador if he manages to land there.

VENEZUELA: Venezuela is one of the top options, with its President Nicolas Maduro saying last week that his country was “almost certain” to grant Mr. Snowden asylum if he filed a formal request. Being granted asylum doesn't mean being granted passage. Julian Assange has been trying for a year to leave the UK's Ecuador embassy without success.


The Snowden spy drama is just that - a drama. It's whistleblower theater. Like the Boston Bombing drama, the Batman massacre drama and other theatrical false flag operations, the Snowden drama is also about delivering a message. The false flag dramas receiving 24/7 news coverage are designed to scare the public into supporting the war on terror and to supporting surveillance programs to protect public safety.

The Snowden drama is about dividing public opinion (surveillance versus safety, hero versus traitor) and teaching potential whistleblowers, traitors and anti-government "terrorists" (freedom fighters) that there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

The Snowden drama will not have a happy ending.

These dramas are brainstormed and financed by NWO think tanks. The dramas have producers, directors, script writers and actors. They also have a news media monopoly to sell the desired message and "problem-reaction-solution" response.


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