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Osiris, Isis and Baby Horus


July 24, 2013 12:10 PST


Symbols, ceremonies, rituals, numerology and planetary events accompany the birth of a royal.

William was born on the Summer Solstice during a Solar Eclipse. He is the “Solstice King” of the old myths of the UK. The date of Prince William's caesarian "induced" birth on 06/21/82 was carefully planned.

Kate, the "Lunar Queen", was born in the same year as Wills on 01/09/82 during a total Lunar Eclipse just after the Winter Solstice.

Those who believe the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton was fated are right. The basics of astrology teaches that the Sun is the “King” and the Moon is his sacred feminine counterpart. The union of William and Kate appears to have been arranged by the gods with the meeting of the Sun (solar eclipse) and the Moon (lunar eclipse)...like Isis (moon goddess) and Osiris (Sun god).

Eclipses are considered to be the windows or gateways through which communication occurs with all that is beyond time and space.



The Solstice King and Lunar Queen's baby boy (Horus) was "officially" and "allegedly" born via natural birth on July 22, 2013, the day of a FULL supermoon... but there is reason to believe that it was an induced caesarian birth by a surrogate.


On July 22, a cosmic event called the Grand Sextile (also called the “Star of David”) occured. This extremely RARE astrological transit is formed by two Grand Trines that create a sacred geometric six pointed hexagram Merkaba -or Star of David- when you draw lines connecting the planets.

The cosmic geometry consists of 3 outer planets (Saturn, Neptune & Jupiter) forming an equilateral triangle (Grand Trine) while the Moon, Pluto & Venus form an interpenetrating Grand Trine. At least six planets must be at angles of 60 degrees apart for the Star of David to appear in the sky.

The last Grand Sextile happened on February 7, 1945 towards the end of the Second World War when secret meetings between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill & Stalin were held to reorganize the world map. (Yalta Conference, codenamed the Argonaut Conference).


Royal names are never chosen without precise planning and forethought. The name of a royal child isn’t a random selection. It is a purposeful and deliberate repetition of ancestors, who themselves maintained positions of power and rulership.

Names and numbers are believed to invoke gods, celestial bodies, desires for certain fates, and more. Whether or not these associations are aspects of real power or not, in many cases the elite believe them to be, and it’s wise to recognize that belief, for their actions and decisions affect the world around us.

You can turn a blind eye to the Royals, but a royal baby means the unelected, parasytical monarchy endures whether people like it or not. The baby will officially be known as HRH Prince (name) of Cambridge.

Celebratory gun salutes will be fired by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery in Green Park (41 rounds) and the Honorable Artillery Company at the Tower of London (62 rounds).

No date has yet been set for when the baby will be christened. The Duke of Cambridge, for example, was christened six weeks after his birth, in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace, using water drawn from the River Jordan in IS-RA-EL, in keeping with a tradition dating back to the Crusades.

Another royal ritual is for babies to wear a
lace and satin christening robe made in 1841 and worn by all of Queen Victoria’s children and every generation of royal babies since, including Prince William.

Choosing the name "Horus" for the baby would be far too obvious.

Watch: http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/DVD-King.html

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