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Viagra Versus Natural Viagra

July 25, 2013


The mass media has been promoting Viagra for years and selling the idea that it is the only "hard-on" solution for erectile dysfunction. Users have been ignoring the dangers and the inflated cost of the drug because they are unaware of cheap, risk free, natural remedies.

Viagra side effects can range from headaches and indigestion to vision issues, penis deformity and heart attack.

Before turning to alternatives, it's important to understand how Viagra works. An erection is maintained in the penis via blood flow to increase Nitrous Oxide which relaxes "smooth muscle". Without the nitrous Oxide, an erection cannot be maintained. An enzyme in the body called PDE5 destroys Nitrous Oxide and Viagra works to block the reaction of this enzyme.

Maca: The Natural Viagra

"Maca" is the healthy Natural Viagra alternative. The main source of Nitrous Oxide in the body comes from a compound called "Arginine". This same compound is found in heavy concentrations in Maca root. Other vitamins including Zinc and Vitamin B also aid in forming and maintaining an erection.


Maca is called "Natural Viagra" and it is also called "Peruvian ginseng". It dates back to when Inca soldiers would consume the root before battle to give them stamina. At the same time, it increased their sex drive leading to rapes of the conquered people's female population.

When the Spanish set up colonies in South America and their cattle were not producing, they learned about Maca, fed it to their cattle and it worked miracles. The Spanish began selling Maca to farmers as an easy way to increase the size of their cock stock.

The use of Natural Viagra has also been found to raise sperm production. Communities in high altitudes are notorious for having low sperm counts but in Peruvian settlement areas where Maca is very commonly consumed, the sperm count and fertility rate is high. Many of these areas are 4000 meters above sea level.


There is an additional benefit to the Arginine in Maca root for women. It increases blood flow to the clitoris (which is an inverted penis) making oral sex and intercourse more pleasing.

The proven historical use of Maca root as a Natural Viagra and aphrodisiac, the proven benefits without the risks and the minimal cost makes Maca a hard-on alternative that the pharamaceutical companies don't want you to know about.

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