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DARPA's Killer Drone Mothership

August 04, 2013


DARPA, which stands for Defense (Offense) Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the US military’s secretive development wing.

DARPA has already created terrifying unmanned spy and killer drones that can spy on you and kill you from the land (USV's), from the sky (UAV's) and now from the sea (UUV's).

Hydra is an unmanned underwater drone carrier. That’s right. An unmanned killer submersible "mothership" loaded with lots of other unmanned killer arial UAV drones and underwater UUV drones just waiting to be launched.

Hydra's drones have different missions. Some are designed for spying, some for maintenance and others to blow things up including people. The Hydra project is DARPA's latest investment of our tax dollars to advance their world government control agenda by land, sea and air.


DARPA is building an unmanned undersea system that can deploy unmanned stealthy drones by remote control, both of the flying variety (UAV's) and the underwater variety (UUVs), via a large carrier craft.

The military produces promotional propaganda videos to sell the tax paying public on its many benefits. The propaganda is designed to convince tax payers that the development of remote controlled unmanned land, sea and air drones is all about "protecting" us. Un huh.

The Hydra large UUV will use modular payloads inside a standardized enclosure to deploy a mix of UAVs and UUVs. Based on current available technology, the drones will be launched under the surface of the water much as submarines currently launch cruise missiles, within encapsulated vehicles that then surface and allow drones to launch into the air.

Though the Hydra (population control) project is in its early stages, much of the technology is already in use by the US Navy for adaptation. Similarly, the rate at which the US has deployed increasingly sophisticated iterations of its conventional drones suggests that defense contractors could quickly adapt units to be usable with the new Hydra vessel.

Raytheon’s 6 lb. Switchblade drone, for example, which is 2 feet in length and can be carried in a backpack is already being adapted for launch from submarines. Other smaller, insect-like drones currently being developed by DARPA could all conceivably be useful for the Hydra project as well. Currently DARPA is also looking into ways to launch and land drones from smaller surface ships, such as the Navy’s Littoral class, under a program dubbed the Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node (TERN).

According to DARPA, which announced the Tern program specifications only a few months ago, it is looking to give the US Navy the capabilities to launch drones without the need for large aircraft carriers or land bases.

Currently the Navy is limited to using only a handful of drone models, including the ScanEagle drone, and the Fire Scout unmanned helicopter based on Littoral Combat Ships.


The sky, land and seas are big places and DARPA wants to fill them with killer robots. All of them. In conjunction with the new Hydra project, DARPA is looking to modify the American navy into a force capable of deploying versatile unmanned robots throughout the globe.

DARPA’s Upward Falling Payloads program would seed the world's oceans with remotely deployable robot pods. The pods, or nodes, would stay hidden at the bottom of the sea until activated by a secret signal, whereupon they'd rise to the surface ("falling upward") and do whatever you 'remotely" tell them to do.

“The goal is to support the Navy with distributed technologies anywhere, anytime over large maritime areas. If we can do this rapidly, we can get close to the areas we need to affect, or become widely distributed without delay,” said Andy Coon, DARPA program manager. “To make this work, we need to address technical challenges like extended survival of nodes under extreme ocean pressure, communications to wake-up the nodes after years of sleep, and efficient launch of payloads to the surface.”

DARPA's goal is a world police state (NWO) filled with remotely deployable unmanned drones by air, sea and land. They want a remote controlled instant military presence anywhere and everywhere in the world.

If DARPA is allowed to pursue its goal of seeding our entire planet with unmanned, remote controlled spy and killer drones, it will ultimately lead to a future in which humans anywhere and everywhere are also remotely controlled. Coming soon. New World Order. One World Government.


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