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Scientists Are Creating Dangerous Alien Life Forms

August, 2013


Stop worrying about an alien invasion from without and start worrying about an alien invasion from within.

Scientists are now admitting that they can create "alien" life forms. They have created an artificial genetic material called XNA that can be replicated and evolve just like our real human DNA and RNA. The "X" code has been cracked.

What does the "X" in "XNA" stand for? It stands for "xeno" which means "alien".



Every organism on Earth relies on the same genetic building blocks - the information carried in DNA. The new alien class of genetic building blocks called "XNA" — carries the same information as DNA, but with an "alien" assembly of molecules.

Scientists have been synthesizing XNA molecules for well over a decade. What's frighteningly new about the findings of Pinheiro and his team isn't the XNA molecules themselves - it's what they've shown these alien molecules are capable of, namely: replication and evolution.

The genetic information encoded in our human DNA and RNA can now be accessed, copied from one genetic polymer to another and then propagated as XNA's.

The fact that alien XNAs are capable of evolution adds to the body of evidence that a genetic system predates our human DNA and RNA.

“Life is based on this amazing ability of DNA and RNA to store and propagate information,” said Philipp Holliger, a Medical Research Council molecular biologist and senior author on the study. “We have shown that the basic functions of DNA and RNA can be recapitulated” with new artificial molecules.


In the coming year, researchers will transplant an artifially created molecule into a cell, where it is expected to "boot itself up" like software downloaded from the Internet, then cajole the cell to do its bidding.

When leading genomic scientist, J. Craig Venter announced in May 2010 that he’d created the first self-replicating organism with a totally synthetic genome, it was the first time many people had heard of synthetic biology. Venter did not actually create a synthetic living organism—rather his research team created a synthetic copy of a bacterium’s DNA, which, when transplanted into an organism, took over its operation.

Venter's self-replicating organism was a giant step for synthetic biology, a cutting-edge area of science that combines engineering with biology to construct living organisms from chemical ingredients, much like electrical engineers build computer chips.


Scientists don’t yet fully understand how living cells work - so inserting synthesized DNA into live host cells can be unpredictable. According to a report by the ETC Group, scientists have found that synbio experiments that work perfectly on a computer, sometimes deliver erratic results when put to the test in living synthetic organisms.

ETC cautions that DNA alone does not determine how a living cell develops. Environmental factors play an equally important role. Since genes comprise only 2% of our human genomes—the rest, which scientists call “junk DNA” likely regulates gene expression.



Right now, scientists are transferring synthetic genetic material into known living host organisms, but eventually they want to build completely new synthetic organisms which will threaten our ecosystems that evolved over millions of years.

If synthetic organisms are accidently released, it’s impossible to predict what effect they might have on humans and the environment. If microbes programmed to break down cellulose or enhance photosynthesis were released, they could wipe out natural species, causing environmental disaster. Synthesized organisms engineered to clean up toxins would be used in the open environment. They too could conceivably destroy local species and ecosystems, and be impossible to eradicate.

Scientists say they will introduce kill switches or suicide genes into synthesized "ALIEN ORGANISMS" to keep them from running amok, but since the organisms would be self-replicating, mutations could eventually disable those controls.


Bioterrorists (our government) might one day create pathogens or even more lethal biowarfare agents to use as weapons. Synbio scientists have already synthesized the Spanish influenza virus of 1918, which killed 20 to 50 million people. They have also constructed a live, infectious poliovirus from synthesized DNA ordered from a DNA synthesizer, using a map of the disease’s genome from the Internet. And although the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention banned the development, production and stockpiling of biological agents and toxins, not every country has signed on.

ETC also warns that synbio—which aims to transform the world’s biomass (organic matter from plants and animals) into chemicals, fuels, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other valuable compounds—will put increased pressure on natural resources.

Next generation biofuels, based on synbio, will utilize previously low-valued straw, leaves, and branches as feedstocks for chemical and energy companies. But this plant residue needs to be recycled back to earth to provide the nutrients that keep soil fertile, support biodiversity, and help prevent erosion.  And while the use of synthetic algae for biofuels does not require biomass feedstocks, scaling up algae-based biofuel production would consume enormous amounts of fertilizer and water, which are increasingly scarce.

Scientists and commercial companies involved in synbio are well aware of the extreme dangers and risks but are undeterred. Their videos and media propaganda about synthetic biology will tell you about all the safety precautions. They'll describe the miracles and wonders that synthetic biology offers humanity and the exciting cures, medicines and environmental benefits.


Those overhead criss-crossing, pluming overhead streaks that scar and litter our blue skies, then turn them into an anemic gray haze are explained away as harmless “jet plane exhaust”. They are not harmless. They are toxin-laden aerosol clouds of aluminum, barium and strontium.

According to Sofia Smallstorm, chemtrails are part of the forced trans-humanism agenda. Gels have reportedly rained down after chemtrail spraying. This phenomenon was most widely reported after the Joplin Tornado catastrophe, where residents had contracted an unusual fungal infection called mucormycosis. Smallstorm says that after having these gels analyzed in a laboratory, nano fibres, crystals, red blood cells and semi conductors had been found in the samples.

If you don't have symptoms of fatigue, stomach and sleep troubles, brain fog, dizziness, itching and unhealing sores, your body is probably accepting the "transhuman" transition - at least temporarily.

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