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Hyperloop Scoop

August , 2013


It's called “The Hyperloop” and it's a revolutionary new transportation that will eclipse trains, planes, boats and cars. The billionaire designer says it will deliver passengers between U.S. cities faster than sound.

Is the Hyperloop just hype? Why has this futuristic project got the technology world buzzing? Because Its backer is a Silicon Valley wunderkind with a proven track record of turning science fiction into reality.

Billionaire Elon Musk’s CV is impressive, to say the least. He made his initial fortune from PayPal, the online secure payment system, before going on to launch spaceships. Last year his SpaceX venture became the first private operation to dock a cargo capsule with the International Space Station.

Back on Earth, Musk also founded Tesla, which has made electric sports cars viable and profitable.

The mercurial, fictional character of Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr in the Iron Man films, is reputedly based on Elon Musk. So when Musk, 42, announced that he would be publishing plans for the Hyperloop Monday, scientists were sent into a tailspin.

They will have to wait for Musk to post his “alpha design” on the Internet, but he has dropped several hints about its features, including that the system will be powered by solar panels. Musk will not be patenting the design and it will be “open source”, meaning anyone can modify it, or try to build it.


Musk says his idea involves "a tube, but not a vacuum tube” with very low friction. The Pod diameter is probably around 2m.”

There is speculation that Hyperloop is merely a modern day version of the pneumatic tubes used in banks, stores, and industry to move money and small items over long distances or to other floors of a building.

Musk’s intended location for the first Hyperloop is California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. “The Hyperloop is something that would go effectively faster than the speed of sound. Conceivably you could live in San Fran and work in LA”, says Musk.


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